Episode 161: Stuck between binary black holes and an interspatial rift

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Subspace Chatter

Star Trek Given Prestigious Honors at Peabody Awards

Paul Giamatti Joins ‘Star Trek: Starfleet Academy’ as Main Villain

Star Trek Emmy submissions 2024: Discovery, Strange New Worlds … – GoldDerby

‘Star Trek: Picard’ Showrunner Terry Matalas Tackling ‘Enemy Mine’

Fanhome to Return with New Starships This Fall with the Titan, Stargazer, and Farragut | Star Trek

As my Star Trek character commanded the weight of a starship, I was hours away from becoming a father | CBC News

In Vulcan, Alberta, Canada news…

Here are links to 115 additional stories. Broken out by series, movies and other categories. 

CLASSIC TV SERIES (in order of premiere)

Star Trek: The Original Series (1966 – 1969)

  1. Star Trek’s DeForest Kelley Refused To Film A Requiem For Methuselah Scene
  2. Get a Closer Look at the Star Trek Enterprise Model | Smithsonian Voices | National Air and Space Museum Smithsonian Magazine

Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987 – 1994)

  1. Star Trek: TNG’s Greatest Borg Episode Was Also A Cliffhanger For The Actors
  2. Geordi’s Most Embarrassing Star Trek: TNG Episode Is Great For Captain Picard
  3. Star Trek’s Confusing Timeline Fixed By Forgotten Episode | GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT
  4. 25 Best Star Trek: TNG Episodes Of All Time
  5. “I panicked… How am I going to play this?”: The Star Trek Character That Terrified Brent Spiner Was Neither Data Nor Lore, He Ended up Playing Him Anyway
  6. A Great Geordi Star Trek: TNG Episode Redeems One Of His Worst
  7. I Forgot About Captain Picard Day, But So Did Star Trek

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993 – 1999)

  1. 30 Years Ago, Star Trek Revealed the Most Complex Villain, Ever | Star Trek
  2. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s Writers Didn’t Get Worf Like Michael Dorn Did
  3. I’m Glad Star Trek: DS9 Abandoned The Original Controversial Plan For Chief O’Brien
  4. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s “first” ended up unknowingly hindering the franchise

Star Trek: Voyager (1995 – 2001)

  1. 1 Voyager Episode Hilariously Poked Fun At Star Trek’s Holodeck Problem

Star Trek: Enterprise (2001 – 2005)

  1. I’m Glad Star Trek Is Showing More Love To Scott Bakula’s Enterprise

STREAMING SERIES AND MOVIES (in order of premiere)

Star Trek: Discovery (2017 – 2024)

  1. Who is Dr. Kovich in ‘Star Trek: Discovery’? The mystery explained | Space
  2. 1 Star Trek: Discovery Ending Detail Makes Burnham’s Son Like Kirk
  3. Making The Biggest Star Trek Battle Was Surprisingly Easy | GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT
  4. Star Trek Detail Should Have Revealed Surprise Villain | GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT
  5. What ultimately happened to the USS Discovery in the ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ series finale? | Space
  6. Star Trek: Discovery Got Their Own Data & I Wish They Did More With Fred
  7. Rayner and Book’s Shared Path to a Life Beyond the Burn | Star Trek
  8. 10 Biggest Unanswered Questions Star Trek: Discovery’s Ending Left Behind
  9. Star Trek: Discovery, Created by Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman – The Objective Standard
  10. Star Trek: Discovery All 5 Seasons Ranked Worst To Best
  11. 8 Ways Star Trek: Discovery Made Star Trek Better
  12. Star Trek: Discovery’s Ending Had A Major 33rd Century Federation Reveal
  13. Star Trek: Discovery Case Study | Cause and FX Visual Effects | VFX Auckland, New Zealand NZ

Star Trek: Lower Decks (2020 – 2024)

  1. ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Creator Mike McMahan

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (2022 – present)

  1. Star Trek Reveals Origin of a Vital Federation First Contact Device
  2. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Only Got Greenlit Because Of Anson Mount
  3. ‘Best Season So Far’: Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Actor Teases Upcoming Episodes
  4. Yes, Strange New Worlds Has A Scientific Explanation For Star Trek’s Musical Episode

Star Trek: Starfleet Academy (no official date announced)

  1. “Star Trek Is Strange”: Tawny Newsome Explains How Starfleet Academy Balances Star Trek’s Tonal Shifts
    7 Years Later, Star Trek Is Bringing Back Its Best Type of Villain

(unnamed/unannounced Section 31 series) 

  1. Star Trek Actor Teases His Section 31’s Character’s “Broken Soul”, Says Michelle Yeoh Is “Everything”

THEATRICAL MOTION PICTURES (in order of premiere)

Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (1984)

  1. 10 Biggest Unanswered Questions Star Trek: Discovery’s Ending Left Behind

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986)

  1. Who Wrote Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home? The Controversy Explained

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989)

  1. ‘Star Trek V: The Final Frontier’ at 35: Did William Shatner direct the cheesiest chapter in the franchise? | Space
  2. Trek History: Star Trek V: The Final Frontier | Star Trek

Star Trek into Darkness (2013)


Star Trek books, audio books and DVDs

  1. Pitch a Space Tent: Why Every Star Trek Needs Camp | Star Trek
  2. A second Star Trek: Strange New Worlds novel coming April 2025 – TREKNEWS.NET | Your daily dose of Star Trek news and opinion
  3. Trailer | Star Trek: Discovery The Final Season Coming to Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital | Star Trek

Star Trek toys/collectibles/other merchandise

  1. EXO-6 Unveils Museum-Grade Collectible Captain Picard Figures from Star Trek: The Next Generation | Star Trek
  2. Review: The EXO-6 ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ 1:6 Geordi Figure Is A Sight To See – TrekMovie.com

Star Trek Comics/graphic novels/magazines

  1. Star Trek Confirms Nog’s Post-Dominion War Fate
  2. Star Trek Confirms the True Power of the Mirror Universe’s Most Devious Weapon
  3. Star Trek Unveils the Breen’s Terrifying Ultimate Weapon, THE CHIMERA


Paramount+ News

  1. Fremantle expands FAST offerings on Pluto TV – NewscastStudio
  2. Paramount History Lesson: How Robert Evans & Creative Courage Saved Studio
  3. Meet Gerry Cardinale, investor behind Skydance Media’s Paramount bid | Fortune
  4. George Cheeks Tackles Paramount Global’s Future, ‘Tracker’ and Colbert
  5. Paramount/Skydance Deal Runs Into New Snag, And Now Another Bidder Has Emerged – TrekMovie.com 6/6
  6. It’s the End of Paramount+ As We Know It (and That’s Fine) 6/6
  7. Paramount’s Shari Redstone Juggling Skydance, Others In M&A Drama 6/6
  8. Paramount Global’s top execs detail restructuring plan; shares fall | Cyprus Mail 6/7
  9. The Employees Praying Inside Paramount – by Natalie Jarvey 6/7
  10. Linear Pay TV Pressures Affected Paramount Global (PARA) in Q1 6/7
  11. Paramount Bidder Steven Paul Is Friends With Shari Redstone – Bloomberg 6/7
  12. Shari Redstone Receives Fewest Votes in Paramount’s Board Election Amid Skydance Talks – TVovermind 6/8
  13. Paramount Sale: Why Is Shari Redstone Delaying Skydance Deal, Upset 6/9
  14. Paramount M&A: Edgar Bronfman Mulls $2.5B Bid for Shari Redstone’s NAI 6/10
  15. Paramount Co-CEOs Secure Change-In-Control Pay Plans, Granted Cash Bonuses in Connection to Promotion 6/10
  16. Paramount Updates Pay For Office Of CEO Trio, Re-Ups HR Chief Nancy Phillips 6/10
  17. Competing bids for Paramount: What’s next for the company? 6/11
  18. Paramount Sale: Edgar Bronfman Jr. Eyes Deal As Skydance Talks Continue 6/11
  19. Paramount Stock Lags After Shari Redstone Kills Skydance Deal 6/12
  20. Skydance Is ‘Stronger’ After Merger Talks Collapsed. Is Paramount? 6/12
  21. Paramount Co-CEOs Memo Address End of Skydance Deal Talks 6/12
  22. What next for Paramount as Skydance merger talks break down? | News | Broadcast 6/12
  23. Paramount Global tells employees it will focus on strategic plan | Reuters 6/12
  24. Paramount Global: What’s Next? Analyst on Sale, New CEO 6/12
  25. Here’s what’s next for Paramount after Skydance deal is stopped in its tracks – NBC New York 6/13
  26. The chaotic unraveling of the Paramount-Skydance merger | Company Business News 6/13
  27. David Lawenda Latest Ad-Sales Veteran to Exit Paramount 6/13
  28. Peter Bart: Paramount Global’s Skydance Rejection Puts Heavy Pressure On Shari Redstone To Sort Shaky Future 6/13
  29. NFL reportedly feeling ‘some angst’ over Paramount woes 6/14
  30. NFL reportedly feeling ‘some angst’ over Paramount woes 6/14
  31. Paramount, Warner Bros. Stocks Tumble Since Skydance Merger Talks Ended 6/14
  32. Republic Pictures Picks Up ‘Bad Apples’ & ‘Heart Eyes’ 6/15
  33. Paramount Faces Uncertain Future After Skydance Merger Collapse 6/16
  34. What’s next for Paramount after demise of Skydance merger 6/16
  35. Paramount Global-B (PARA) Q4 Earnings Lag Estimates 6/16
  36. How is Paramount still alive 6/17
  37. Despite Skydance Drama Is Paramount Stock Still Cheap At $10? 6/17
  38. Report: Moody’s may move Paramount debt to ‘junk’ status 6/17
  39. Paramount Global (NASDAQ:PARA) Sets New 1-Year Low at $9.97 6/17
  40. Paramount: Seek Streaming JV, Sell Some IP And Reject Suitors 6/17
  41. Paramount Global Merger Talks with Skydance Media Called Off: What’s Next? 6/17
  42. Paramount General Counsel Christa D’Alimonte Exits 6/18
  43. Paramount’s Acquisitions, CEOs, Lawsuits: A Corporate Drama Timeline


  1. 4 Star Trek Captains’ Sons: How They Compare
  2. Everyone In Star Trek Dies Over And Over Again | GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT
  3. Recasting Star Trek: The Next Generation For A Movie Reboot
  4. When Is The Next Star Trek Movie Coming Out?
  5. Where Star Trek: Discovery’s Cast Is Now
  6. I’m Excited About What’s Next For Star Trek
  7. 20 Best Episodes Of Star Trek In TV History, Ranked
  8. Star Trek: What Is the Guardian Of Forever?
  9. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s “first” ended up unknowingly hindering the franchise
  10. AI Turns Classic Memes Into Hideously Animated Garbage
  11. Star Trek: The Reason Starfleet and the Borg Will Never Get Along | Den of Geek
  12. From the Star Trek Archive: Communicators and PADDs | Star Trek
  13. Star Trek’s Rest Of 2024 Is All Animation – That’s Good (& Bad)
  14. Alex Kurtzman on the future of the Star Trek franchise, AI, diversity- Fast Company
  15. What Happens When Star Wars and Star Trek Combine? – YouTube

Actor Watch

  1. Leonard Nimoy’s Son “Loves” What Star Trek’s New Spock Actors Are Doing
  2. Patrick Stewart Knows How Important Star Trek Is to You (Exclusive) | Television Academy
  3. Star Trek: DS9’s Dax Actress Calls Out Sexism In Major Kira’s Friendship
  4. ‘Star Trek’ actor Leonard Nimoy made peace with son through ‘devastating’ letter | Fox News
  5. Space Command Redemption – Movies on Google Play
  6. Watch Space Command Redemption | Prime Video

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