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‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Season 2 Confirms July 2024 Netflix Return – What’s on Netflix

Why Detmer & Owosekun Were Missing From Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 Explained By Showrunner

In Vulcan, Alberta, Canada news…
Spock Days is this weekend in Vulcan! We hope to bring you news of how things went in our next episode.

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CLASSIC TV SERIES (in order of premiere)

Star Trek: The Original Series (1966 – 1969)

  1. 55 Years Ago: Star Trek Final Episode Airs, Relationship with NASA Endures – NASA

Star Trek: The Animated Series (1973 – 1975)

  1. Walter Koenig was upset about how he found out he wasn’t in Star Trek: 

Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987 – 1994)

  1. The Greatest Sci Fi TV Shows of All Time: Star Trek The Next Generation (1987) – Cancelled Sci Fi
  2. I Can’t Think Of A Better Series Finale Than Star Trek: TNG, Even 30 Years Later
  3. The Star Trek Series Everyone Is Wrong About | GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993 – 1999)

  1. One Scene Helped Star Trek Icon Finally Understand His Character | GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT
  2. Star Trek Hero’s Best Character Trait Didn’t Come From The Writers | GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT

Star Trek: Voyager (1995 – 2001)

  1. Jeri Ryan’s Seven of Nine Costumes In Star Trek: Voyager Made No Sense

STREAMING SERIES AND MOVIES (in order of premiere)

Star Trek: Discovery (2017 – 2024)

  1. Star Trek: Discovery’s Ending Finally Makes “Calypso” Matter After 6 Years
  2. Star Trek: Discovery’s “Calypso” Short Trek & Finale Epilogue Reveal Explained
  3. Eve Harlow’s Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 Villain Could Have An Unexpected Future
  4. Doctor Kovich’s 5 Star Trek Easter Eggs In Discovery’s Finale
  5. Discovery could never find itself, but it did find Star Trek’s future – Polygon
  6. Discovery’s Ending Sets A Star Trek Record & Creates 2 New Admirals
  7. I Agree With Captain Burnham’s Decision About Star Trek: Discovery Season 5’s Treasure
  8. What The Star Trek: Discovery Finale Got Right And Wrong | GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT
  9. Star Trek: Discovery Finale’s Saucer Separation Was An Awesome TNG Tribute
  10. Trek History: Star Trek III: The Search for Spock | Star Trek
  11. Star Trek: Discovery’s David Cronenberg & Doctor Kovich Explained
  12. Star Trek: Discovery Proved Burnham’s Starship Is Better Than USS Enterprise In 1 Big Way
  13. ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Costume Designer on Creating Wedding Outfits and More
  14. Star Trek: Discovery Set Up A Perfect New Starship Show (But It Won’t Happen)
  15. Star Trek Discovery’s season 2 finale was the most “memorable” episode for show’s primary director, but “almost didn’t exist” | Popverse
  16. Star Trek: Discovery’s Rayner Captain’s Chair Joke Has A Real Life Inspiration
  17. Interview: Blu Del Barrio On Adira’s ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Journey And Why It’s Fun When Jonathan Frakes Directs – TrekMovie.com
  18. I Love The Symmetry Of Star Trek: Discovery’s Beginning & Final Episodes
  19. The ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ series finale is a mixed bag (review) | Space
  20. ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Finale Recap: How It Ended After 5 Seasons
  21. Star Trek: Discovery Season Finale, Epilogue Explained
  22. Recap/Review: ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Pulls It All Together For “Life, Itself” – TrekMovie.com
  23. Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 Finale Ending & Shocking Epilogue Explained
  24. Star Trek: Discovery season 5 ending explained: What happened to Burnham? | Radio Times
  25. Star Trek: Discovery Series Finale Ending, Explained
  26. Star Trek: Discovery Finale’s Huge Enterprise Surprise Reveal & David Cronenberg’s Reaction Explained By Showrunner
  27. ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ ends as an underappreciated TV pioneer : NPR
  28. Star Trek: Discovery’s Incredible Scott Bakula Enterprise Twist Explained
  29. Star Trek: Discovery’s “Calypso” Short Trek & Finale Epilogue Reveal Explained
  30. Star Trek: Discovery’s Finale Promoted Saru Again & Doug Jones Is Surprised
  31. RECAP | Star Trek: Discovery 510 – ‘Life, Itself’ | Star Trek
  32. Doctor Kovich’s 5 Star Trek Easter Eggs In Discovery’s Finale
  33. Star Trek: Discovery Canceled Season 6 Revealed | GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT
  34. Every Star Trek: Discovery Main Character’s Ending Explained
  35. Star Trek: Discovery’s Epilogue Had 2 Clever Callbacks To The Series Premiere

Star Trek: Picard (2020 – 2023)

  1. “This was not at all a mark of disrespect”: Patrick Stewart Had 3 Specific Conditions That Essentially Doomed Star Trek: Picard Season 4
  2. Star Trek: Picard: What happened to the Enterprise E?

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (2022 – present)

  1. ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Season 4 Filming Set For 2025; Anson Mount Thanks Fans For Patience – TrekMovie.com

Star Trek: Starfleet Academy (no official date announced)

  1. Succession star lands lead role in new Star Trek show
  2. Star Trek’s Next Series Must Explain Discovery’s Spore Drive Replacement
  3. Star Trek’s New Starfleet Academy Show Is Set In the Far Future to Give Its Heroes Hope
  4. Star Trek’s New Starfleet Academy Show Is Set In the Far Future to Give Its Heroes Hope
  5. ‘Star Trek: Discovery’: Alex Kurtzman on the finale and what’s next – Los Angeles Times
  6. Alex Kurtzman Explains Why STARFLEET ACADEMY is Set in STAR TREK: DISCOVERY’s 32nd Century Future • TrekCore.com

THEATRICAL MOTION PICTURES (in order of premiere)

Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979)

  1. The Star Trek Movie That Doesn’t Deserve The Hate | GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT

Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (1984)

  1. Robin Curtis Looks Back at Star Trek III: The Search for Spock For Its 40th Anniversary | Star Trek
  2. Star Trek 3 Is Finding Its Way Back to Theaters

Untitled Star Trek “origins” movie [currently on Paramount roster for 2025/2026]

  1. Star Trek Origin Movie Timeline Rumor Makes the Film Feel Even More Unnecessary | Den of Geek

Star Trek books, audio books and DVDs

  1. Review: ‘Pliable Truths’ A Star Trek: The Next Generation Novel

Star Trek video games/board games

  1. Denise Crosby Returns As Captain Sela For ‘Star Trek Online: Unparalleled’ – Watch The Launch Trailer – TrekMovie.com
  2. Star Trek Online – Official Unparalleled Launch Trailer – IGN
  3. ICv2: Take Command of the Bridge in ‘Star Trek: Captain’s Chair’

Star Trek Comics/graphic novels/magazines

  1. Star Trek: Star Trek: Will Captain Liam Shaw return to the franchise? – The Economic Times
  2. After 57 Years, Star Trek Reveals the Epic Consequences of an Original Series Episode
  3. Star Trek Confirms the Final Frontier Is Secretly a Trap
  4. Star Trek: The Animated Celebration | Star Trek
  5. ‘Star Trek #500’ cover showcases a commanding collection of cosmic captains | Space
  6. Star Trek Confirms Doctor Phlox’s Fate Centuries After ENTERPRISE
  7. Seven of Nine Just Delivered Star Trek’s Sickest Burn



  1. All 10 Star Trek Episodes Filmed At California’s Vasquez Rocks
  2. Q’s Ultimate Form Made Him Star Trek’s Most Powerful Being of All Time
  3. Event Horizon Worried Star Trek Studio Paramount
  4. Every Star Trek Series’ Best Recurring Character
  5. The Darkest Treks: Star Trek’s Closest Calls with Black Holes | Star Trek
  6. X Amazing Star Trek Missions When Starfleet Officers Become Aliens
  7. Star Trek Confirms the Harsh Reality of Seven of Nine’s Life After Starfleet
  8. Star Trek: Enterprise’s Time Traveler Daniels & Discovery Reveal Explained
  9. Time Agent Provocateur: The Greatest Hits of Crewman Daniels | Star Trek
  10. Star Trek Has A Huge Time Problem – GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT

Actor Watch

  1. ‘Star Trek’: Leonard Nimoy & William Shatner Had a ‘Very Challenging’ Relationship, Nimoy’s Son Says | Entertainment | ttownmedia.com
  2. Doug Jones Interview: Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 & Series Finale
  3. ‘Star Trek’ actor George Takei is determined to keep telling his Japanese American story | AP News
  4. “I had three kids and was totally broke”: Fans Have No Idea What William Shatner Was Forced to Do Despite Star Trek Fame
  5. Every Star Trek: Discovery Episode Directed By Jonathan Frakes, Ranked Worst To Best
  6. Star Trek: Discovery duo reunite on new vampire horror-comedy
  7. Jonathan Frakes Interview: On ‘Star Trek: Discovery,’ ‘Legacy’ & More
  8. Patrick Kwok-Choon Reflects on Gen Rhys and Discovery’s Groundbreaking Path to the Future | Star Trek
  9. Jonathan Frakes Was “Really Surprised” Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 Is Based On His TNG Episode
  10. Interview: Doug Jones On ‘Space Command,’ And Saru’s Legacy After ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Series Finale – TrekMovie.com
  11. Star Trek: Discovery’s David Ajala Still Wants To Tell Burnham & Book’s Lost Year Story
  12. Leonard Nimoy’s son reveals how he found peace with ‘Star Trek’ actor
  13. Zachary Quinto labeled ‘entitled child’ by Toronto restaurant | Nanton New

Main Mission

Star Trek: Discovery
“Life, Itself”
Written by
Kyle Jarrow & Michelle Paradise
Directed by
Olatunde Osunsanmi;  Jonathan Frakes (uncredited)

Warp Speed Round Table

Now that “Star Trek: Discovery” has wrapped up its story – at least for now – we thought it was a good time to highlight some of our favorite moments from the past 7 years/5 seasons. So, in no particular order, Chuck, Kreg and I are going to highlight five of our picks for “memorable moments in Disco.” 

End Of Show

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