Episode 162: Prodigy 2: The Search for Chakotay

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All 10 TOS And TNG Star Trek Movies Returning To Paramount+ In July – TrekMovie.com

Rosario Dawson Had To Turn Down Playing A Changeling In ‘Star Trek’ Because Of ‘Ahsoka’ Role – TrekMovie.com

Mike McMahan Talks “Amazing Sendoff” For ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ In Season 5, Hints At Potential Spinoffs – TrekMovie.com

Star Trek Creator’s Foundation Offers $1M Prize for AI Promoting Good

Star Trek content now available in World of Tanks: Blitz | GoNintendo

And now, it’s time for “The Battle for Paramount Mountain, Chapter 8”

Here are links to 99 additional stories. Broken out by series, movies and other categories. 

CLASSIC TV SERIES (in order of premiere)

Star Trek: The Animated Series (1973 – 1975)

  1. Beaming Away Loneliness | Star Trek

Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987 – 1994)

  1. Star Trek: The Next Generation Predicted These Two Star Trek Series – YouTube
  2. 10 Most Memorable Star Trek TNG Episodes, Ranked
  3. Star Trek: TNG Almost Cast The Predator As Data Or Geordi
  4. Michael Dorn Thought 1 Star Trek: TNG Episode Made Worf “A Murderer”

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993 – 1999)

  1. Star Trek Showrunner Reveals The Hardest Part Of Writing Scripts | GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT
  2. Wait, Star Trek: Voyager’s Chakotay Is In DS9?
  3. The Star Trek Guest Too Good At Being Bad | GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT
  4. 1 Star Trek Episode Made DS9’s Showrunner Say: “I Am A Moron”

Star Trek: Voyager (1995 – 2001)

  1. Why Janeway Hates Time Travel In Star Trek
  2. The Simple Star Trek Line That Nearly Ruined An Episode | GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT
  3. 2 characters can truly be pointed to as being ‘peak’ Star Trek: Voyager writing
  4. Star Trek Episode Almost Filmed In Black And White | GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT
  5. I’m Sad How Star Trek: Voyager Wasted John Rhys-Davies
  6. Star Trek Made A Fan-Favorite Character Suddenly Awful | GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT

STREAMING SERIES AND MOVIES (in order of premiere)

Star Trek: Discovery (2017 – 2024)

  1. The Burn In Star Trek & How Discovery Solved The Mystery Explained
  2. Star Trek: The Breen’s Erigah, Explained
  3. Star Trek’s Scariest Monster Was Almost A Hero | GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT
  4. Are Discovery’s Finale Twists Too Inside Star Trek?
  5. The Diplomacy of Discovery | Star Trek

Star Trek: Picard (2020 – 2023)

  1. How the Picard Season 3 Soundtrack Unlocks All of Star Trek | Star Trek
  2. Why Wasn’t Admiral Janeway in Star Trek: Picard?
  3. “It Was Heartbreaking”: Michelle Hurd Breaks Down Losing Star Trek: Picard Actors Between Seasons 2 & 3

Star Trek: Lower Decks (2020 – 2024)

  1. Star Trek Actors Band Together to Save Lower Decks
  2. I Think Star Trek: Lower Decks Isn’t Dead Yet
  3. Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 5 Is “An Amazing Sendoff… But Not The End”, Says Showrunner

Star trek: Prodigy (2021 – present)

  1. Recap/Review: ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Gets Timely In “Who Saves the Saviors” – TrekMovie.com
  2. Star Trek Reveals Why Tribbles Are No Longer A Threat In Discovery
  3. Janeway As Captain Of USS Enterprise? Star Trek’s Kate Mulgrew Said No
  4. The Star Trek: Voyager Sequel You’ve Always Wanted Already Exists | Den of Geek
  5. Why Is Star Trek: Prodigy’s Second Season on Netflix
  6. Star Trek: Prodigy Season 2 Trailer, poster art revealed – TREKNEWS.NET | Your daily dose of Star Trek news and opinion
  7. Star Trek: Prodigy’s streaming numbers could help Lower Decks’ renewal chances
  8. Star Trek: Prodigy Season 2 Reveals Return In Stellar Video | GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT
  9. Star Trek’s Multiverse Will Have A “Grand Unifying Theory” In Netflix’s Prodigy Season 2, Says Co-EP
  10. Where Is Seven Of Nine In Star Trek: Prodigy (& Will She Appear In Season 2?)
  11. Check Out 14 Preview Images From ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Season 2 – TrekMovie.com
  12. Kate Mulgrew Urges Fans To Watch Star Trek: Prodigy Season 2, Hopes For More Seasons
  13. Everything You Need to Know on Star Trek: Prodigy | Star Trek
  14. Star Trek Producers Give Hopeful Update For Prodigy Season 3 On Netflix
  15. Interview: Dan And Kevin Hageman On How ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Season 2 Is Different, And What May Come Next – TrekMovie.com

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (2022 – present)

  1. Celia Rose Gooding Talks Expanding Uhura’s Role In Season 3 Of ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ – TrekMovie.com
  2. Strange New Worlds Does 3 Important Things That Bring Back Classic Star Trek
  3. Strange New Worlds Can Save A Classic Star Trek Character After 58 Years

Section 31 “streaming event movie” (no official date announced)

  1. I Have A Star Trek Theory About What Michelle Yeoh Is Really Doing In Section 31

Star Trek: Starfleet Academy (no official date announced)

  1. Star Trek’s Next Show Can Save Discovery’s Detmer & Owosekun
  2. 7 Discovery Questions Star Trek’s Next Show Must Answer

THEATRICAL MOTION PICTURES (in order of premiere)

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986)

  1. Star Trek IV Backstory Erased Because Of A Child | GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989)

  1. Why Star Trek V: The Final Frontier’s Visual Effects Were So Bad

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1989)

  1. Leonard Nimoy Rewrote Spock’s History With One Line In Star Trek VI | GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT

Star Trek Beyond (2016)

  1. Why Was Alice Eve Not In Star Trek Beyond?

Untitled Star Trek Kelvin-verse movie [currently not on Paramount announced roster]

  1. Chris Pine Talks Returning as Kirk in Star Trek 4: ‘I’m a Lot Older Now’

Star Trek books, audio books and DVDs

  1. Another Kind of Prescience | Los Angeles Review of Books

Star Trek video games/board games

  1. Face Off Against a New Borg Threat in Star Trek Online: Unparalled, Out Now on Consoles | MMORPG.com

Star Trek Comics/graphic novels/magazines

  1. See Alt Universe Mariner Face Off With Q Jr. In Preview Of ‘Sons Of Star Trek’ #4 – TrekMovie.com
  2. Star Trek Confirms the Jaw-Dropping Final Fate of Doctor M’Benga’s Daughter
  3. Sons of Star Trek Spotlight with Morgan Hampton: The Comic Source
  4. After 58 Years, Star Trek Is Finally Killing Off Scotty – Theory Explained
  5. Wait… Did Star Trek Just Settle Its Most Powerful Species of All Time?
  6. After 57 Years, Star Trek Settles the Truth About Trelane’s Godlike Species


Paramount+ News

  1. Skydance Media, National Amusements Reach Tentative Deal for Paramount
  2. Paramount Stock Pops on New Skydance Merger Offer
  3. Skydance Media’s deal to gain control of Paramount could be sealed this weekend, sources say
  4. Paramount Global Stock Jumps On Report Of Revived BET Sale Talks
  5. Comedy Central, MTV News, CMT, TV Land Online Archives Purged By Paramount Global – used
  6. Paramount and Skydance reach tentative merger deal – The Washington Post – using
  7. Paramount And Skydance Reach New Merger Agreement – used
  8. Steven Paul Found Liable for Copyright Infringement Over Counterfeit DVDs -used
  9. Media mogul Barry Diller weighs a bid to gain control of Paramount – NBC Los Angeles – used
  10. Max, Paramount Plus to Merge? WBD Interested in Exploring Streaming JV used
  11. Paramount Global Co-CEOs Reveal Bankers Hired To Sell Assets; Discuss Path Forward At Town Hall – used
  12. Paramount Chiefs: We’re Cutting $500 Million in Costs After Profit Drop -used
  13. Paramount+ Prices to Increase – used
  14. Search MTV News Articles Archive at Wayback Machine -used
  15. Paramount Global in talks for a streaming merger – CNBC
  16. Paramount Global Reportedly Discussing Merging Paramount+ With Third Party Platforms – Media Play News -used
  17. Paramount’s strategy of purposeful digital rot doesn’t even make sense
  18. Would A Paramount+ Peacock Partnership Profoundly Pivot The Streaming Landscape? — TVREV
  19. Paramount Global set to ax more employees after ‘unacceptable’ profit drop
  20. CFOs On the Move: Week ending June 28 | CFO
  21. Paramount Studio Lot May Be In Play Amid Asset Sale Chatter
  22. Paramount Talks With Potential International Streaming Partners


  1. How Prestige TV Is Killing Star Trek | GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT
  2. Star Trek Handles One Thing Better Than Star Wars, And It Isn’t Even Close | GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT
  3. Every ‘Star Trek’ Uniform, Ranked
  4. Zoe Saldana: Uhura In J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek Movies Explained
  5. An Ode to Star Trek’s Undershirt Moments
  6. I’ve Always Wondered Why Star Trek: DS9 Abandoned Their Plans For Riker’s Clone
  7. I Don’t Care If Modern Star Trek Breaks Established Canon
  8. 10 Most Questionable Storylines in Star Trek

Convention news/fandom

  1. ‘Star Trek’ Actors Will Beam into Mahoning Valley Comicon
  2. This isn’t your typical Star Trek convention, but it’s a fan-based, nonprofit, weekend covering all things around the iconic tv series.

Actor Watch

  1. Star Trek Actor Compares Working With William Shatner & Patrick Stewart
  2. Star Trek’s Colm Meaney Tried To Ditch O’Brien’s Accent
  3. Star Trek Legend Jonathan Frakes to Direct New Sci-Fi Series
  4. Uhura & Kirk’s Strange New Worlds Episode Was “Harder” Than Star Trek’s Musical For Celia Rose Gooding
  5. Jonathan Frakes Asked Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 3 Cast: “Am I Being Punked?”
  6. “All these old white dudes in the room”: Despite Patrick Stewart in Lead Role, One Actor Found Star Trek Sexist and Regressive Until Gene Roddenberry Passed Away
    “It is an error”: William Shatner Openly Denounced Star Trek: The Next Generation for One Very Vindictive Reason
  7. Strange New Worlds’ Crossover Started A Great Real Life Star Trek Friendship

Main Mission, Part 1

Star Trek: Prodigy
Season 2, Episode 1
“Into The Breach, Part 1”
Written by Kevin Hageman & Dan Hageman
Directed by Ben Hibon

Main Mission, Part 2

Star Trek: Prodigy
Season 2, Episode 2
“Into The Breach, Part 2”
Written by Aaron J. Waltke
Directed by Patrick Krebs and Andrew L. Schmidt

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