Episode 129: Pride and Prodigy

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Heads up! Mention Dr. Mohamed Noor Interview coming up next week.

Subspace Chatter

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Main Mission

Star Trek: Prodigy
Season 1, episode 18
Written by Julie Benson and Shawna Benson
Directed by Sung Shin

“Supernova, Parts 1 and 2”
Season 1, episodes 19 and 20.
Part 1, written by Erin McNamara
Part 2, written by Kevin Hageman and Dan Hageman
Directed by Andrew L. Schmidt and Ben Hibon

Warp Speed Round Table

This time, we review our predictions for 2022 and foolishly, er, boldly make new ones for 2023.

Clinton’s 2022 predictions were…

  • (X) It will be announced that Mary Chiefo will have a recurring role as L’Rell on “Strange New Worlds”*
  • (X) Gray will become Discovery’s ship’s counselor
  • (X) We will get casting news on the new “Star Trek” movie
  • (✔) We will see Captain April in “Strange New Worlds”

Kreg’s 2022 predictions were…

  • (X) Arex will appear as an officer on “Strange New Worlds”*
  • (X) We will see Worf in “Picard” season 2 (and possibly Robert Picardo)*
  • (X) The DMA is tied to the evolved form of V’ger, last seen at the end of “Star Trek: The Motion Picture”
  • (✔) We will see Kyle (TOS, Wrath of Khan) on “Strange New Worlds”

Chuck’s 2022 predictions were…

  • (X) “Picard” Season 2 will not involve a familiar trope (time travel, klingon alliance, mirror universe)**
  • (✔)  When the source of the DMA is located, Cleveland Booker will try to attack it, no longer able to contain his anger 
  • (X) We will see Geordi LaForge in season 2 of “Picard”
  • (✔) We will learn what species Dal R’El (“Prodigy”) belongs to (side prediction, he is a Talaxian)

And here are our predictions for 2023


  • This will be the last season of “Discovery”
  • There will be no word at all on the next Star Trek theatrical movie
  • We will get word on the next Trek series to go into rotation on Paramount+.
  • We will see or have mention made of Dr. Roger Korby on “Strange New Worlds”
  • We will see or have mention made of Gary Mitchell on “Strange New Worlds”
  • Voyager-A will appear on “Prodigy”
  • Barclay will appear in “Picard”


  •  I think we will hear an announcement for a Worf Show
  • A new NEW Star Trek movie will be on the horizon
  • We will see Mudd on Strange New Worlds
  • Somehow we will see some characters from Prodigy crossover
  • Bonus: Edward from Short Treks will return


  •  We’ll get a “Strange New Worlds” appearance from a TOS characters like Scotty and McCoy
  • Book won’t serve his entire sentence and Burham will find another love interest
  • They are going to make an exception to the augment rule for Dal R’El
  • “Prodigy,” Season 2 will not premier until 2024
  • If we do hear something about “Star Trek 4,” it will be about more delays

End Of Show

It’s about time to refill the dilithium chamber and get on out of here. 

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