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Congrats to Michelle Yeoh on being named Time Magazine’s “Icon of the Year.”
Michelle Yeoh: Icon of the Year 2022 | Time

And to Anthony Rapp and long-time partner Ken Ithiphol on the arrive of their first child
Star Trek actor Anthony Rapp welcomes first child

Subspace Chatter

BREAKING: “Official” Convention Star Trek: Mission Seattle Cancelled — Daily Star Trek News

ReedPop’s Star Trek: Mission Seattle convention has been cancelled – TREKNEWS.NET | Your daily dose of Star Trek news and opinion

Did Star Trek 4 cause the Star Trek: Mission Seattle event to be canceled?

Every Time Star Trek Brought Back Kirk’s Enterprise Bridge

SkyShowtime | The New Home of Iconic Entertainment

Chris Hemsworth says he would return to play Kirk for Star Trek 4

 Direct link to the section of the “Happy Sad Confused” podcast where Horowitz and Hemsworth discuss Trek: https://youtu.be/AJVV0KVUaT8?t=2035

Stage Left Players – Lisbon, Ohio | Our Season

A Star Trek Christmas Opens Fri Dec 9th! – YouTube

‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Nominated For Critics Choice Award – TrekMovie.com

Here are links to 82  additional stories.broken out by series, movies and other categories. 

Star Trek: The Original Series

  1. The Original Star Trek USS Enterprise Filming Model! – YouTube

Star Trek: The Next Generation

  1. TNG’s Series Finale Set Up Geordi’s Daughters In Picard
  2. Star Trek TNG: 10 Episodes Where A Guest Star Stole The Show
  3. Was Lwaxana Troi really Star Trek: The Next Generation’s best guest star?
  4. Watch: Adam Savage Explores ‘Star Trek’ USS Enterprise Model & Busts Myth Of TNG Enterprise-C Model – TrekMovie.com

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

  1. Star Trek: What Happened To The Dominion After The War?
  2. Where Was Picard’s Enterprise During DS9’s Dominion War?

Star Trek: Voyager

  1. Could Robert Duncan McNeill’s Captain Proton idea work in Star Trek
  2. Star Trek: Voyager’s Greatest Villains, Ranked | Cinemablend

Star Trek: Discovery

  1. Discovery’s Captain Saru Problem Has No Season 5 End In Sight
  2. That’s a Wrap on Filming Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 — Daily Star Trek News
  3. Star Trek: Discovery may be following in Strange New Worlds footsteps
  4. Discovery Season 5 Needs To Show The 32nd Century Enterprise
  5. STAR TREK DISCOVERY Season 4 Blu-ray/DVD Trailer – YouTube
  6. Star Trek: Discovery – Official Blu-ray Exclusive Behind the Scenes Clip (2022) Sonequa Martin-Green – YouTube

Star Trek: Picard

  1. ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 3 Is A Continuation Of ‘Voyager’ And DS9 Too, Says Showrunner – TrekMovie.com
  2. Star Trek Hints At Unsettling Reunion For La Forge In New Miniseries
  3. Marina Sirtis says she isn’t the same old Troi in Star Trek: Picard
  4. The Props and Costumes of Star Trek: Picard! – YouTube
  5. Star Trek: The Next Generation Starship Filming Model! – YouTube
  6. Terry Matalas and the Cast of Star Trek: Picard Season 3 Lay the Groundwork For More Next Generation Adventures — Daily Star Trek News
  7. Star Trek: TNG Crew Keeps Hinting About That Picard Spin-Off
  8. What aspects of Deep Space Nine make sense in Star Trek: Picard?
  9. ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 3 Is A Continuation Of ‘Voyager’ And DS9 Too, Says Showrunner – TrekMovie.com

Star trek: Prodigy

  1. Star Trek: Prodigy EP says today’s episode is homage to Red Shirts
  2. Star Trek Reveals The Fate Of Kirk’s Enterprise Shuttle
  3. A Star Trek: The Next Generation Race May Have a Prodigy Connection — Daily Star Trek News
  4. Two Captains Log: Star Trek Prodigy – S1E13
  5. Star Trek: Prodigy’s Billy Campbell on Returning as the Outrageous Okana
  6. Star Trek: Prodigy’s EP explains why they gave Dal the back story he has
  7. Star Trek Shows The Start Of Picard’s Romulan Supernova Tragedy
  8. Murf Speaks! Star Trek: Prodigy’s Dee Bradley Baker Shares His Lifelong Love of Trek and Its Message – TV Fanatic
  9. First Installment Of ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Heads To Blu-Ray This January From Paramount & Nickelodeon
  10. Star Trek: Prodigy’s Brett Gray And Showrunners On Dal’s Big Reveal, And What It Means Going Forward | Cinemablend
  11. New Admiral Janeway Log Connects ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ To ‘Picard’ – TrekMovie.com
  12. Prodigy’s Okona Could Give Star Trek a Fresh Direction
  13. Star Trek’s Khan Is Still Causing A Starfleet Tragedy
  14. Star Trek Prodigy Shows the Voyager Crew Couldn’t Escape a Tragic Fate
  15. Aaron Waltke Teases the End of Star Trek: Prodigy Season 1 — Daily Star Trek News
  16. Star Trek: Prodigy | Dr. Erin On Metamorphosis (S1, E14) | Paramount+ – YouTube

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

  1. 3 things Star Trek: Strange New Worlds did to restore faith in the franchise
  2. Strange New Worlds’ Kirk Just Suffered A Star Trek TOS Tragedy
  3. Ethan Peck Says He’s Finding His Groove As Spock In ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ – TrekMovie.com
  4. Star Trek Strange New Worlds season 1 Steelbook is on sale

Star Trek: First Contact

  1. Cher was considered for the Borg Queen in Star Trek: First Contact

    Star Trek Beyond
  2. Star Trek Beyond’s Jaylah Succeeded Where Carol Marcus Failed

Untitled Star Trek movie [currently removed from Paramount roster]

  1. Star Trek 4 Is The Only Way Kirk Can Fight The Borg
  2. Riker Actor Reached Out To JJ Abrams About Directing Star Trek 4

Star Trek toys/collectibles/other merchandise

  1. EXO-6 Announces “Out Of This World” Line Of Star Trek Alien 1:6 Figures – TrekMovie.com
  2. Decloak the Playmobil x Star Trek Klingon Bird-of-Prey Playset

Star Trek Comics/graphic novels/magazines

  1. Star Trek: Picard Hints Janeway Will Return in Series Finale
  2. Star Trek’s First Comic Ever Sells for Record Price at Auction
  3. Star Trek #1 unveils a weapon capable of killing gods
  4. Star Trek Reveals Another Meeting Between Picard and Sisko
  5. Star Trek’s Sisko Calls Out a Dark Truth About His DS9 Sequel Crew
  6. Can comics give Star Trek: Enterprise a second chance?
  7. IDW Announces a New Star Trek Mini-Series Crossover Comic — Daily Star Trek News
  8. REVIEW: Is David Mack’s Latest Star Trek Novel a Triumph Or A Let-Down? — Daily Star Trek News
  9. ‘Star Trek’ writers talk Sisko’s return in IDW’s flagship comics series | Space
  10. See The Return Of Worf In Preview Of IDW’s ‘Star Trek’ #2 – TrekMovie.com
  11. Star Trek is canonizing comics, starting w/ an homage to the Watchmen

Paramount+ News

  1. Paramount CEO Bob Bakish Promises Showtime Brand “Still Matters” – Deadline
  2. See Star Trek Invade Heathrow Airport To Promote Paramount+ On British Airways – TrekMovie.com
  3. Layoffs Underway At CBS Studios & Paramount TV Studios – Deadline


  1. Star Trek: Why Are The Klingons So Afraid Of Tribbles?
  2. Volkswagen built a Star Trek captain’s chair that goes 12mph – The Verge
  3. A Guide to Star Trek’s Bad Admirals
  4. Star Trek: Every Film & TV Show Ranked From Worst To Best – YouTube
  5. Star Trek: What Were The Best Episodes Of The Original Series?
  6. Three streets in Arkansas are named after Star Trek characters
  7. Why It’s Time For A Star Trek Holiday Special | Cinemablend
  8. Why Star Trek’s USS Enterprise Was Renamed
  9. Star Trek: How Do Turbolifts Work?
  10. Star Trek: Exploring The Forgotten Environmental Plotline
  11. Interview: Ronny Cox On Jellico’s Enduring Legacy In ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ And ‘The Next Generation’ – TrekMovie.com
  12. Star Trek: Warp Travel Trivia

Actor Watch

  1. Star Trek legacy actress Kate Mulgrew lands big role in new series
  2. Star Trek: Prodigy: Jason Mantzoukas Locks Himself in Closet for Jankom Pog
  3. INTERVIEW: John Billingsley and Bonita Friedericy Discuss Star Trek and Doing Good in the Community — Daily Star Trek News
  4. Star Trek 4: Kirk Thatcher on Leonard Nimoy & Writing Scotty’s Computer Joke

  5. Star Trek: Voyager Actor Has Passed Away
  6. ‘Star Trek II’ Actress Kirstie Alley Has Died – TrekMovie.com

Main Mission

Star Trek: Prodigy

Season 1, episode 14
Written by Lisa Shultz Boyd
Directed by Steve In Chang and Sung Shin

Season 1, episode 15
Written by Nikhil S. Jayaram
Directed by Sung Shin

Season 1, episode 16
Written by Kevin & Dan Hageman, Julie Benson, Shawna Benson, Lisa Schultz Boyd, Nikhil S. Jayaram, Diandra Pendleton-Thompson, Chad Quandt, Aaron J. Waltke
Directed by Steve In Chang Ahn and Sung Shin

“Ghost in the Machine”
Season 1, episode 17
Written by Chad Quandt
Directed by Andrew L. Schmidt

Warp Speed Round Table

This time we ask: “Do you think we’ve seen the last of Okona?”

End Of Show

It’s about time to refill the dilithium chamber and get on out of here. 

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