Episode 136: Swords Are Fun!

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Subspace Chatter

BREAKING: Michelle Yeoh To Return To Star Trek In ‘Section 31’ TV Movie – TrekMovie.com

Michelle Yeoh Section 31 Movie Will Launch Star Trek: Phase 2 – The Hollywood Reporter

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds | Second Season Teaser Trailer | Paramount+ – YouTube

‘Galaxy Quest’ TV Series in Early Development at Paramount+ – Variety

Here are links to 43  additional stories.broken out by series, movies and other categories. 

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

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Star Trek: Enterprise

  1. Star Trek Enterprise’s Real Problem Was The Vulcans

Star Trek: Picard

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  2. ‘Picard’ Season 3 Showrunner Terry Matalas Breaks Down Episode 8
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  29. ‘Star Trek Picard’s Terry Matalas on Bringing Back Alice Krige’s Borg Queen
  30. 27 Years Later, Star Trek Just Fixed a Massive ‘First Contact’ Plot Hole
  31. Petition · Make a Star Trek Picard Spin off Show “STAR TREK LEGACY” with Terry Matalas as Showrunner! · Change.org

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

  1. Strange New Worlds Season 1, Season 2 Premiere, To Stream On Pluto TV

Star Trek Comics/graphic novels/magazines

  1. See Sisko Open Divine Negotiations In Preview Of ‘Star Trek’ #6 – TrekMovie.com

Paramount+ News

  1. Paramount Global Revives Republic Pictures – Variety
  2. Paramount+ Launching Mobile-Only Subscription Offer in Mexico, Brazil – Variety
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  1. First Contact Day Failed: 7 Star Trek News We Still Don’t Know
  2. Star Trek: Who Are The Breen?

Actor Watch

  1. Weirdest Thing Star Trek Star LeVar Burton Has Signed

Main Mission

Star Trek: Picard

Season 3, Episode 9
Written by Sean Tretta & Kiley Rossetter
Directed by Terry Matalas

Season 3, Episode 10
“The Last Generation”
Written and Directed by Terry Matalas

End Of Show

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