Episode 87: Emotion Chips and Salsa

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Subspace Chatter

Paramount Plus gives quick peek at two new Star Trek shows – CNET
New ‘Star Trek’ Movie in the Works From ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Writer Kalinda Vazquez

‘Wrath of Khan’ Director Pitched New ‘Star Trek’ Movie to Paramount | IndieWire

“Star Trek: Discovery” And ‘Picard’ Pick Up Guild Nominations For VFX, Make-Up, And Costumes – TrekMovie.com

The Star Trek Voyager Documentary | Indiegogo

Catalog of Lionel “Star Trek” train cars

New Lionel Star Trek The Next Generation Complete Train Set – O Scale Fun – YouTube

In Vulcan, Alberta, Canada news:

Star Trek is Alive and Well in Small-Town Alberta

Here are 53 stories we didn’t have time to cover. Everything from a set of digital Leonard Nimoy cards being introduced through blockchain technology to Brent Spiner’s thoughts on a Next Generation Big Screen Reboot to a list of every holodeck accident in Star Trek history (so far). 

  1. Next ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Novel Tells Rios’ Backstory; ‘Coda’ Trilogy Wraps Up Post-‘Nemesis’ Litverse – TrekMovie.com
    Star Trek: Coda Trilogy Revealed
  2. How Star Trek Online rebuilds the Klingon Empire – PlayStation.Blog
  3. Star Trek: TNG 10 Times The Show Tackled Deep Issues | ScreenRant
  4. Which Star Trek Books Are Canon? | Den of Geek
  5. Robin Williams Was Almost In Star Trek: The Next Generation
  6. Brent Spiner Thinks A ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ Big Screen Reboot Would Be “Cool” – TrekMovie.com
  7. Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country Rejected Franchise Nostalgia in a Way Impossible Today
  8. The voice of NASA’s Mars Perseverance Rover landing, Swati Mohan, was inspired by Star Trek — Daily Star Trek News
  9. Star Trek: Time has a way of changing fans views on hated characters
  10. Star Trek: Picard director Hanelle Culpepper reflects on her barrier-breaking career in Deadline guest column — Daily Star Trek News
  11. Sam Witwer taking over voice of Tenavik in Star Trek Online
  12. The Voth Are Back To Seek Revenge In Star Trek Online – MMO Bomb
  13. Star Trek: The First Captain Of The Enterprise You Never Knew About – YouTube
  14. Star Trek Stands With Our AAPI Community
  15. DS9: Why Benjamin Sisko Is Star Trek’s Most Underrated Captain
  16. Every Voyager fan needs Star Trek: Voyager A Celebration
  17. Star Trek: Every Holodeck Accident In The Franchise (So Far)
  18. Star Trek: 10 Heartbreaking Moments That Would Make A Klingon Cry
  19. Star Trek Next Generation: Deanna Troi & Nastasha Yar swapped roles
  20. Andrew Robinson Wants to Reprise his Role as Garak | Heavy.com
  21. Leonard Nimoy’s Family Releasing Set Of Collectible Digital Trading Cards – TrekMovie.com
  22. Star Trek: 10 Scenes That Make Viewers Nervous When Rewatching
  23. Star Trek: Why Gates McFadden’s Beverly Crusher Left for TNG Season 2
  24. Star Trek’s Transporters Exists Because of Budget Constraints
  25. Wrath of Khan producer created a Star Trek script he knew fans would like
  26. See more of Admiral Kirk’s life in Star Trek: Living Memory
  27. The Next Generation Of Star Trek Is Blu And Gray – CURVE
  28. Star Trek: Discovery Redefines Family the Right Way
  29. Star Trek denounces violence against Asian Americans and asks fans to stand with the AAPI community — Daily Star Trek News
  30. Star Trek’s Marina Sirtis has moved away from Los Angeles and back to the United Kingdom — Daily Star Trek News
  31. INTERVIEW: Walter Koenig on his Hollywood start, social justice, and of course, Star Trek — Daily Star Trek News
  32. EXCLUSIVE: Celebrating Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang with James Darren
  33. ‘Star Trek: Voyager’ Star Robert Duncan McNeill Lobbies Paramount+ For ‘Captain Proton’ Series – TrekMovie.com
  34. Star Trek: Lower Decks Arrives On Blu-Ray and DVD
  35. Star Trek: Picard Can Fix Its Story Problem By Learning From Discovery
  36. How Discovery Employs the Power of Empathy
  37. Designing the ‘Right’ Baby for All the Wrong Reasons
  38. Tuvok Was A Champion of Men’s Mental Health
  39. 10 Star Trek Characters Who MUST Return
  40. Star Trek: Generations – 10 Things That Make No Sense
  41. Star Trek: All 4 Times Harry Kim Died (& How) | Screen Rant
  42. 32nd century playable ships come to Star Trek Online with the Janeway Class Command Science Vessel — Daily Star Trek News
  43. Star Trek: Why Denise Crosby’s Tasha Yar Left After TNG Season 1
  44. The Trek Collective: Year Five heads towards its finale in IDW’s May comic releases
  45. James Doohan voiced nearly 40 Star Trek characters
  46. Who’s Who: The Discovery’s New Future Faces
  47. WATCH: You won’t believe what kind of Trek Tech Microsoft just unveiled | Heavy.com
  48. Star Trek: The Motion Picture – 10 Things That Make No Sense
  49. You Wear It Well: The Uniforms of Star Trek
  50. Star Trek: Starfleet’s Fastest Ship, Revealed | CBR
  51. Star Trek: The Cruise The Virtual Voyage – YouTube
  52. The Cool Connection Between Baseball & ‘Star Trek’ | Heavy.com
  53. Gene Roddenberry’s Original Pitch For Star Trek 2 Will Blow Your Mind

Main Mission

This week we’re picking back up on our review of all the “Star Trek” theatrical movies. The numbering system finally falls away, as the first Next Generation movie is simply titled “Star Trek: Generations.”  

Warp Speed Round Table

This time around…

If you could make one meal with a replicator, what would it be and with whom? (Whom being a fictional Star Trek character)

End Of Show

Time to refill the dilithium chamber and try to warp on out of here. 

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