Episode 85: taH pagh taHbe (To Be Or Not To Be)

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Subspace Chatter

In Vulcan, Alberta, Canada news:

No news this time around.

Here are 60 … I say…60 !!! Stories we didn’t have time to cover. Everything from an article by friend of the show Melissa Bartell about Discovery’s first-ever all female bridge, to an article that argues for a “Picard”-like series for “Voyager.” 

  1. Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 Will Have The First-Ever All-Female Bridge
  2. Star Trek: Picard Works Best as a Binge | Den of Geek
  3. Star Trek Shows and Movies on CBS All Access 2021: Stream Online Free – Rolling Stone
  4. “Q-Me?” My Star Trek Story: read how a 17-year-old writer’s script got made into a Star Trek episode — Daily Star Trek News
  5. Star Trek: Every Change To Roddenberry’s Original Plan For Captain Jean-Luc Picard
  6. Star Trek: TNG – Why Picard Is So Uncomfortable With Children
  7. Star Trek: Lower Decks – Star Trek’s return to animation is a hectic hotchpotch of laugh-free scenes and over-the-top chaos | The List
  8. A List of Celebrity ‘Star Trek’ Fans aka Trekkers | Heavy.com
  9. Star Trek: Discovery’s 4th season taking longer to produce
  10. Perfect World Announces Perfect World Level Up Charity Initiative
  11. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Doesn’t Need Captain Kirk | Den of Geek
  12. Star Trek: Why Voyager Avoided Reviving A TNG Character
  13. Star Trek Discovery Teases a New Type of Villain for Season 4
  14. Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 will go “hard” in a new area
  15. Star Trek: The Next Generation Referenced an Anime Classic | CBR
  16. Marina Sirtis Blasts the J.J. Abrams ‘Star Trek’ Movies | Heavy.com
  17. Star Trek Icon Brent Spiner Announces Autobiography with a Twist
  18. Star Trek Actor Recounts Being Pulled Over in Costume | Heavy.com
  19. Discovery Ignores Roddenberry’s Formula For Perfect Star Trek
  20. Mike McMahan talks about ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ – The Hindu
  21. Jeri Ryan Enjoyed Playing Seven of Nine On Picard More Than Star Trek: Voyager
  22. Women of Star Trek: Kate Mulgrew, Marina Sirtis and Gates McFadden all get the COVID-19 vaccine — Daily Star Trek News
  23. Robin Williams wanted to guest star on Star Trek: Voyager
  24. A Star Trek Voyager Movie Made No Sense (But It Needs A Picard-Like Series)
  25. My Dad Helped Carve Out a Place for Jack Crusher
  26. Filming on Star Trek: Picard season 2 has been delayed (again) — Daily Star Trek News
  27. Star Trek: What It Would Take To Get Micheal Dorn To Retun As Worf For Picard
  28. [WATCH] Star Trek: Discovery’s Sonequa Martin-Green On Her Promotion – Deadline
  29. I Couldn’t Join Starfleet, So I Converted to Judaism
  30. Star Trek Discovery: Lead star recalls saying goodbye to co-star | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV | Express.co.uk
  31. Set Phasers for Strange: 9 of the Most Unexpected Star Trek Collectables
  32. How Star Trek Helped Me Accept A Trying Truth
  33. How Star Trek: Discovery Bungled Michael Burnham’s Path to Captain – Sunriseread
  34. Hospice patient hears empowering messages from his favorite Star Trek actors
  35. Set phasers to love with Star Trek valentines — Daily Star Trek News
  36. Star Trek Adventures tabletop RPG releases Another Roll of the Dice supplement by author Christopher L. Bennett — Daily Star Trek News
  37. The Deep Space Nine Theme Song Has a 80s Synth Version That You Must Hear Now
  38. Tom Paris Presents His Top 10 Tips For Self Improvement
  39. Star Trek: Section 31: release date, cast, plot, how it ties into canon and more | TechRadar
  40. EXCLUSIVE: Michelle Paradise Talks With Star Trek Magazine
  41. Kirk Thatcher Went From a Punk on Bus to a Special Effects Juggernaut
  42. Star Trek Didn’t Invent the Term ‘Warp Drive’, This Sci-Fi Story Did | Den of Geek
  43. Star Trek: The Riker Chair Maneuver Explained | Screen Rant
  44. DS9 Could’ve Been Star Trek’s First Western (Why The Story Changed)
  45. Star Trek Online players gather in-game to pay tribute to Christopher Plummer • Eurogamer.net
  46. How Christopher Plummer Became One of the Best Villains in Star Trek Movie History | Den of Geek
  47. A Classic ‘Star Trek: TNG’ Episode Was Banned Overseas | Heavy.com
  48. Mass Effect: Klingons Inspired Krogans’ Extra Organs | CBR
  49. Star Trek has games if you’re not interested in the Super Bowl
  50. Alex Kurtzman says Gene Roddenberry and the fans own Star Trek
  51. Star Trek Online players gather in-game to pay tribute to Christopher Plummer • Eurogamer.net
  52. Star Trek: Picard Season 2 Dealing With Setback As Patrick Stewart Super Bowl Ad Launches – CINEMABLEND
  53. Avaah Blackwell on coming out from under the Osnullus makeup in Star Trek: Discovery season three — Daily Star Trek News
  54. Nichelle Nichols Gave Some ‘Star Trek’ Fans Something Special | Heavy.com
  55. The Wonderful World of Star Trek On the Late 90s Web
  56. Revisiting the World of Star Trek
  57. Star Trek: Lower Decks Reintroduced Caitians (& What It Means)
  58. For Some Viewers, Raffi’s Story is All Too Familiar
  59. REVIEW: Beaming Up and Getting Off: Life Before and Beyond Star Trek by Walter Koenig — Daily Star Trek News
  60. Co-showrunner Michelle Paradise on the “incredible” logistical challenges of creating Star Trek: Discovery — Daily Star Trek News

Time to disconnect from Subspace Chatter —  goodbye Charlie.

Main Mission

“The Practical Joker”
Written by Chuck Menville

Directed by Bill Reed

First aired on September 21, 1974

Synopsis: The Enterprise is surprised by a fleet of Romulan ships. In order to escape, the ship goes through an “unidentified energy field”. The field infuses an anomaly into the computer system, resembling the personality of a practical joker. But the jokes turn deadly and the crew must figure out a way to repair the ship’s artificial intelligence before it is too late.


Written by Dario Finelli

Directed by Bill Reed

First aired on September 28, 1974

Synopsis: Inhabitants of the planet Dramia arrest Dr. McCoy. They claim that McCoy headed a mass inoculation program on Dramia II, but after he departed a massive plague ravaged the planet virtually wiping out the entire population. Kirk and Spock travel to the decismated planet to seek answers. 

Warp Speed Round Table

This time around…

Which episode of “Star Trek,” from any series, would you make disappear forever?

Time to refill the dilithium chamber and try to warp on out of here. 

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