Episode 84: You say ‘Orion.’ I say ‘Orion.’

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Star Trek: Strange New Worlds fronts trailer for Paramount+

Data gets deepfake for Star Trek: Picard and it’s wild

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Producers Talk Character And Production Challenges For Season 4 – TrekMovie.com

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Cast and Showrunner Reveal More Season 4 Plans For Saru, Gray, And Owosekun – TrekMovie.com

Star Trek’s Worf Actor Pitches His Klingon TV Show Idea

Review: Latest Waves Of Star Trek Mego Figures Will Make You Feel Young Again – TrekMovie.com

Yo-Yo Ma Amazing Grace Presidential Inauguration 2021 – YouTube

In Vulcan, Alberta, Canada news
Cheque presentation to be held to highlight pool fundraising efforts | Vulcan Advocate

Here are links to 69 additional stories we did not have time to cover. You’ll find everything from an interview with Mary Cheiffo about her reprising L’Rell in “Star Trek Online” to a sampling of some great Bernie Sat Here meme images and much, much more. Just go to the show notes for episode 84 over at The Topic is Trek.com.

  1. Star Trek: Picard Retcons TNG Romulans & Borg History
  2. Discovery Finally Solved Star Trek’s Admiral Problem
  3. Catching Up With Mary Wiseman, Anthony Rapp, Blu del Barrio, and Ian Alexander
  4. Aditya Sahil is the 32nd Century’s Most Motivated Public Servant
  5. Oyin Oladejo of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ talks diversity and elephants for ‘Endlings’ Season 2 on Hulu (exclusive interview) | Space
  6. Star Trek: Why Voyager’s Captain Janeway Had So Many Hairstyles
  7. Star Trek: Discovery and Lower Decks took turned the Orions from sex slaves and pirates into take-charge villains and scientists.
  8. Why Walter Koenig Wore a Wig as Chekhov on ‘Star Trek’ | Heavy.com
  9. STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION Exclusive: Michael Dorn Says Prosthetics Was “Only Dark Spot About The Show”
  10. Martin Luther King Prevented Star Trek Star From Making Bad Decision [LOOK] | Heavy.com
  11. ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 4 could fix a controversial Klingon retcon
  12. Star Trek Theory: Seven Of Nine Was Rejected From Starfleet
  13. From ‘Star Trek’ to Wheeling | News, Sports, Jobs – The Intelligencer
  14. Gaming Update: ‘Timelines’ 5th Anniversary Event And ‘Jetpack Joyride’ Star Trek Crossover – TrekMovie.com
  15. Star Trek: Picard Reveals How Spock Saved SPOILER
  16. Star Trek: Discovery Is Missing A Key Franchise Element (But Season 4 Could Fix)
  17. Fan-Favorite ‘Star Trek’ Character Confirmed as Gay | Heavy.com
  18. Virtual look at original Star Trek offered by Bernards Township Library | Bernardsville News News | newjerseyhills.com
  19. Star Trek: 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About The Undiscovered Country
  20. Star Trek: Voyager’s Original Ending Killed A Major Character
  21. What Can Star Trek Teach Us About Empathy in 2021?
  22. Why Every Star Trek Series Ended | Screen Rant
  23. Save on a Star Trek key holder with a built-in Tile tracker
  24. Today in Star Trek history: DeForest Kelley’s birthday — Daily Star Trek News
  25. Gorn Easter Eggs are the Best Star Trek Easter Eggs
  26. Star Trek: How Much Time It Takes to Watch Every TV Episode & Movie
  27. 2021 Rittenhouse Star Trek Picard Season 1 Checklist, Box Info, Details
  28. Star Trek: Discovery: Dilithium Will Be Equivalent To MCU’s Vibranium
  29. Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Is the Closest the Series Has Come to Classic Trek
  30. Star Trek Says, Meme Me Up, Bernie | Star Trek
  31. Ayushi Chhabra Says Star Trek is Writing Narratives for Our Time
  32. Trek Culture makes big claim about best Star Trek video game
  33. Interview: Michael Dorn Pitches ‘Captain Worf’ Show; Explains What It Would Take To Do ‘Star Trek: Picard’ – TrekMovie.com
  34. ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ explores strange new worlds to great effect
  35. Star Trek Star Says ‘Endlings’ Helps Kids Tackle Big Issues Through Sci-Fi
  36. Designing the La Sirena
  37. How Star Trek: Discovery Bungled Michael Burnham’s Path to Captain | Den of Geek
  38. Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Ensigns May Be the Biggest Star Trek Fans of All Time
  39. WATCH: Celebrating America goes Star Trek with inaugural evening performances — Daily Star Trek News
  40. Take your own virtual Star Trek tour of the original U.S.S. Enterprise
  41. Star Trek’s Kate Mulgrew Confirms Season 2 of Prodigy
  42. New Star Trek-inspired play Love Space brings sci-fi drama to you, one-on-one — Daily Star Trek News
    Open Book Theatre Company Presents LOVE SPACE, a STAR TREK-Inspired Show
  43. Star Trek Online celebrates its 11th Anniversary with new Klingon-focused content, prizes and more! — Daily Star Trek News
  44. ‘Strange New Worlds’ release date may finally fix a huge Spock plothole
  45. The Funnest Frontier: Which Star Trek Characters Should Be Animated?
  46. Star Trek: The Next Generation and Picard actor Marina Sirtis announces she will move back to the U.K. — Daily Star Trek News
  47. Kate Mulgrew Talks Progress On ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’; Says It’s “Very Sophisticated” [UPDATED] – TrekMovie.com
  48. The Star Trek TNG Main Character Keiko’s Actor Almost Played
  49. Watch: Pike And Spock From ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Join Paramount+ Promos – TrekMovie.com
  50. Star Trek: Why Q Was Never In A Movie (And Why That Was Right)
  51. Star Trek’s Uhura – Nichelle Nichols Stars in Her Final Performance
  52. Robin Williams Played Baseball With the Voyager Crew | Heavy.com
  53. Did You Know: James Kirk didn’t wear gold in Star Trek
  54. Star Trek: Captain Jean-Luc Picard’s Age In TNG Explained
  55. Discovery Season 4 Theory: Stamets Is Star Trek’s New Khan
  56. Star Trek: Voyager actors were supposed to suppress emotion
  57. Star Trek Archivist Richard Arnold Dies at 66
  58. What Inspired Star Trek: Discovery’s Controversial Burn Twist
  59. Star Trek: Picard — Ranking Season 1’s Deleted Scenes | Den of Geek
  60. Miss Discovery? Try A Condensed Deep Space Nine
  61. Star Trek Provides Deep Connection For Fans
  62. Perfect World Entertainment
  63. Karin Blair: The Spirit Haunting Star Trek Scholarship
  64. Star Trek stars react to the passing of archivist Richard Arnold at the age of 66 — Daily Star Trek News
  65. New Ground: How The Love Between A Father And A Son Taught Me About Family On Star Trek
  66. How One Trek Fan’s World Blends the Universes of Star Trek and International Affairs
  67. Mary Chieffo Interview: Star Trek Online | Screen Rant

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Main Mission


This week we’re talking about the first two episodes of the shortened second season of “Star Trek: The Animated Series.” Specifically, “The Pirates of Orion,” and “BEM.”

  • “The Pirates of Orion”
  • Written by Howard Weinstein
  • Directed by Bill Reed
  • First aired on September 7, 1974
  • “Bem”
  • Written by David Gerrold
  • Directed by Bill Reed
  • First aired on September 14, 1974

Warp Speed Round Table

A follow up with some feedback on our last Warp Speed Round Table topic:

What do you hope will happen in the next season of “Discovery”? 

Listener Diane had three items

This time around…

What is your favorite Kirk moment?

End Of Transmission

Time to refill the dilithium chamber and try to warp on out of here. 

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