Episode 70: New Cool Ranch Flavored Cerritos

Pluto TV Will Stream 40 CBS And Comedy Central Shows Like ‘Survivor’ And ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ – Deadline

Star Trek parody/fan film Star Force 2, starring James McAvoy, Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan beams onto YouTube — Daily Star Trek News

Keepsake Ornament Premiere | July 11 – 19, 2020 | Hallmark

Walk-On Role on CBS Series ”Star Trek: Picard” + Meet Sir Patrick Stewart + Set Tour

BREAKING: ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Gets Release Date On CBS All Access; USS Cerritos Revealed [UPDATED] – TrekMovie.com

52  additional stories we did not have time to cover, including articles about 

  1. Hallmark Unveils 2020 ‘Trek’ Ornaments and More at #STLV
    Star Trek: Next Gen Characters Could Appear In Lower Decks Animated Show
    Star Trek: Lower Decks showrunner teases possible Next Generation cameos
  2. Star Trek Used Picard Day to Raise Money for BLM, NAACP | The Mary Sue
  3. Wesley Crusher Receives a Special Message from his Father | Star Trek
  4. Zachary Quinto Sure ‘Star Trek’ Cast Would Return For A Fourth Kelvin Film, But Uncertain It Will Happen – TrekMovie.com
  5. Star Trek: 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About The Voyage Home
  6. Will Captain Kirk Be Bisexual in a New ‘Star Trek’ Series?
    CBS are “toying with the idea” of making Star Trek’s Captain Kirk bisexual
  7. John Billingsley: ‘Star Trek: Enterprise’ Needed More Development, Was “F#*ked” By Network Timidity – TrekMovie.com
  8. Julian Bashir Helped Me Make Trek My Own
  9. Star Trek parody film Unbelievable!!!!! picked up for domestic distribution, features 40+ Trek actors plus Snoop Dogg — Daily Star Trek News
  10. Now Riker Is Getting His Own ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ Facepalm Bust As SDCC Exclusive – TrekMovie.com
    Captain Picard Star-Trek Facepalm Bust Pre-Order | HYPEBEAST
  11. Star Trek: Voyager’s Tim Russ reflects on his time in the franchise, and being a Black Vulcan — Daily Star Trek News
  12. I Was a Theme Park Star Trek Character
  13. ‘Discovery’ Season 3 could eliminate Star Trek’s most convenient technology
  14. Every Image We Have From Lower Decks So Far | Star Trek
  15. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Should Cross Over With the Kelvin Timeline
  16. Patrick Stewart “Deeply Shocked” By Profanity In ‘Star Trek: Picard’; Felt It Was Time To Joke With Jean-Luc – TrekMovie.com
  17. ‘Star Trek’ shows us the racism-free future we’re wishing for in 2020 – The Salt Lake Tribune
  18. It’s time to put Johnathan Frakes in charge of all Star Trek
  19. ‘Warrior’s Death:’ A ‘Star Trek’ Fan Production Casting Call | Brownspace Films – Film Auditions | Backstage
  20. ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Gets August Premiere Date On CBS All Access – Deadline
  21. Star Trek: Lower Decks Sets Release Date
  22. How ‘Star Trek’ Became Obsolete Thanks To ‘Guardians,’ Fast & Furious’ And ‘Star Wars’
  23. Star Trek Red Shirt Meme Highlights Importance of Covid-19 Face Masks
  24. See How ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Visual Effects Were Made – TrekMovie.com
  25. Blade Runner Anniversary: E.T. and Star Trek II Crushed Ridley Scott | IndieWire
  26. Star Trek: The Next Generation – Killing Will Riker would’ve been a mistake
  27. Groundbreaking for Captain Janeway monument – The Bloomingtonian
  28. Star Trek Helped Me Reconcile With My Name
  29. Exploring the Biggest Missing Gap in the Star Trek Timeline | Den of Geek
  30. Star Trek Icon William Shatner Delivers Sweet Final Captain’s Log From Self-Quarantine – CINEMABLEND
  31. WATCH: James Baldwin Speaks Through Discovery Cast | Star Trek
  32. GalaxyCon Doctors Of Star Trek Event Adds Cruz – TrekToday
  33. ‘Star Trek: Picard’ VFX Supervisor on Building Borg Cubes and Mars – Variety
  34. WATCH: The Making of Star Trek: Picard Romulan Foreheads | Star Trek
  35. ‘Star Trek Online: House Divided’ Klingon Update Features Voices Of Robert O’Reilly And J.G. Hertzler – TrekMovie.com
  36. Queering the Bromance Between O’Brien and Bashir
  37. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine IDW comic writers David and Scott Tipton interview
  38. ‘Strange New Worlds’: 10 glorious Star Trek cameos that could totally happen
  39. Animated ‘Star Trek’ series ‘Below Decks’ gets a release date – UPI.com
  40. The Wrath of Khan and a bit of Russian history, in Julia’s Star Trek Story — Daily Star Trek News
  41. Star Trek: Picard – Gates McFadden Says “Good Chance” She Appears
  42. Review: Star Trek: Year Five Ends Its First Year With A Bang In Issue #12 – TrekMovie.com
  43. Star Trek: All 9 Characters Played By Jeffrey Combs | Screen Rant
  44. See More Live Virtual Panel Recordings With ‘Star Trek: TNG,’ ‘DS9,’ ‘Voyager,’ And ‘Enterprise’ Stars – TrekMovie.com
  45. CBS Announces Star Trek: Lower Decks Premiere Date
  46. ‘Star Trek’: How a Book About Africa Inspired Uhura’s Name
  47. Star Trek’s Robert Picardo Sings About Not Being Brent Spiner in New Music Video
  48. US Naval Academy Professor Argues For Single Ship Design Seen In ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Battle Of Coppelius – TrekMovie.com
  49. 10 Notorious Star Trek Urban Legends
  50. Star Trek: Lower Decks set to premiere in August 2020 — Daily Star Trek News
  51. Star Trek Online releases Klingon-centric House Divided update for Cryptic Studios’ 20th anniversary — Daily Star Trek News
  52. Star Trek Adventures announces Klingon Core Rulebook pre-order — Daily Star Trek News

In Vulcan, Alberta, Canada news:

  • No news yet, as Vulcan is still dealing with the very earthbound pandemic. However, the town’s Recreation Department released a video for Canada Day, which features a singing of Canada’s national anthem and various shots of life in Vulcan. Spoiler alert, “Star Trek” figures prominently.

Main Mission

We’re continuing our  review of “Star Trek: The Animated Series.” with episodes 12, 13 and 14 from Season One.

  • “The Time Trap” written by Joyce Perry
    First aired on November 24, 1973
  • “The Ambergris Element” written by Margaret Armen
    First aired on December 1, 1973
  • “The Slaver Weapon” written by Larry Niven
    First aired on December 15, 1973

Warp Speed Round Table

Last time around we asked the team to rename some classic Trek episodes, with the idea that the crew is now tiny.”

This time around…”What setting would you add to the Slaver weapon?”

End of Show

Time to refill the dilithium chamber and try to warp on out of here. 

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