Episode 71: I Like This Episode. It Has Variety

Special Guest: Dr. Eric Macdonald

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Subspace Chatter

In Vulcan, Alberta, Canada news:

  • Birds of Prey are moving in!

33  additional stories we did not have time to cover, including articles about 

  1. The third season of Discovery is full of questions, says Doug Jones – Trek Report
  2. Raising the Bar with Armin Shimerman
  3. WATCH: xB Prosthetic Makeup Time Lapse | Star Trek
  4. Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 May Ditch The Universal Translator
  5. Star Trek: The Original Series Needs A Real Origin Story | Den of Geek
  6. Star Trek: Picard what happened to the women in Picard’s life
  7. “Star Trek” is the Perfect Pandemic Binge
  8. When Barclay met Janeway! Exploring Star Trek Voyager’s Pathfinder [Warp Factor]
  9. The Fleet’s In: 24th Century Federation Starships
  10. X-Men star James McAvoy claims that playing a young Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek is his “territory” — Daily Star Trek News
  11. Star Trek: Picard producer Goldsman: “what’s happening culturally right now is resonant for us” — Daily Star Trek News
  12. Sci-Fi Spoof ‘Unbelievable!!!!!’ Featuring 42 Star Trek Actors To Premiere In August With Virtual Convention – TrekMovie.com
  13. Introverts Can See Themselves In Star Trek
  14. Meet the Star Trek Inspired Chef who Boldly Brings Intergalactic Flavors to Life
  15. Star Trek: The Next Generation cast gathers for a masked, socially-distant celebration for Sir Patrick Stewart’s 80th birthday — Daily Star Trek News
  16. Star Trek wine glasses to make your binge-watching extra classy • GEEKSPIN
  17. Star Trek.com gives love to Star Trek: Voyager in their top ships list
  18. Who Will Be First? The Jem’Hadar, Ranked
  19. Star Trek Fan Puts Holodeck Controls in Los Angeles Park
  20. CBS Television Studios & NAACP announce multi-year partnership
  21. How Should We View 24th Century Law Enforcement?
  22. WATCH: Star Trek Cast Responds to Fans’ Questions | Star Trek
  23. Interview: Robert Picardo On His ‘Star Trek: Voyager’ Pitches & How Playing The Doctor Again Could Be “Fun” – TrekMovie.com
  24. Star Trek: All 15 TNG Characters Who Returned In DS9
  25. ‘Star Trek’ Explores its First New Genre in 50 Years with ‘Lower Decks’
  26. Star Trek: How Old Kirk Was When He Became Captain (In Both Timelines)
  27. Patrick Stewart (‘Star Trek: Picard’) video and interview transcript – GoldDerby
  28. Comic-Con 2020: ‘Picard’ or ‘Discovery’, which ‘Star Trek’ show did a better job at reviving franchise? | MEAWW
  29. DS9 Did Star Trek Into Darkness’ Story First (& Way Better)
  30. Review: Quark Is The Prime Suspect In Gritty ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – Too Long A Sacrifice’ #1 – TrekMovie.com
    Star Trek: Deep Space Nine #1 Review: The Tiptons Always Deliver
  31. Star Trek Tricorder replica teased with real data and scanning tools – SlashGear
  32. A look behind the scenes of Star Trek: Discovery with Chad Rubel, Film Editor – Trek Report
  33. Star Trek Archeology With Mike and Denise Okuda

Special Guest Requesting Permission to Beam Aboard

We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Eric Mcdonald here to “The Topic is Trek” bridge.

Below is the video from her Panel at ComiCon@Home

Main Mission

  • “The Eye of the Beholder” written by David P. Harmon
    First aired on January 5, 1974
  • “The Jihad” written by Stephen Kandel
    First aired on January 12, 1974

Warp Speed Round Table

This time around…

Would you rather be part of a first contact mission or a second contact mission?

Time to refill the dilithium chamber and try to warp on out of here. 

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