Episode 63: Mr. Blue Skies

WORF IS NOT AMUSED Imgfip Com Worf Anti April Fools' Day Memes ...

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Subspace Chatter

And finally, on Vulcan — uh, IN Vulcan…

  • No News for Vulcan, Alberta Canada…It’s closed due to Virus

32 additional stories we did not have time to discuss:

Main Mission

This time around we will be discussing “Star Trek: Picard” Episode 9 and 10, “Et in Arcadia Ego” Parts 1 and 2

Et in Arcadia Ego Part 1 – https://bit.ly/2JyXii5

“Following an unconventional and dangerous transit, Picard and the crew finally arrive at Soji’s home world, Coppelius. However, with Romulan warbirds on their tail, their arrival brings only greater danger as the crew discovers more than expected about the planet’s inhabitants.”

Et in Arcadia Ego Part 2 – https://bit.ly/39x4w0R

Picard and his team are pitted against the Romulans and the synthetics of Coppelius in a final confrontation.

Our Predictions for the Finale of Picard – Were made before the finale

  • Kreg: I believe that the new Soong .. is Lore (False)
  • Chuck: I predict we will see Jurati put in her cry face at least one more time (Yes)
  • Clinton: I think Jurati will end up in the Android body (False)

Warp Speed Round Table

This time around: Which Star Trek Episode would you happily jettison into the Ether never to be seen again? (and why)

End of Show

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