Episode 20: Matter/Anti-Matter Exchange Student

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Subspace Chatter

“Please Stand By,” starring Dakota Fanning, Toni Colette, Alice Eve and Patton Oswalt is now available on DVD as well as streaming.

Please Stand By Blu-ray Review – TrekToday

Stories we didn’t get a chance to cover:

Main Mission

I’ve always thought that Sybok was a fascinating and underrated character who was unfairly dismissed by most fans because they didn’t like the movie as a whole. It seems to me that no race is ever all one thing, We’ve seen Ferengi who didn’t have lobes for business and Klingons that didn’t become warriors

The idea of a Vulcan rejecting logic in favor of emotion really makes sense…there were bound to be a few non conformists

“Enterprise” introduced the idea of mind melds and melders being a Vulcan taboo in the 22nd century and “Discovery” gave us the Vulcan terrorists who attacked Sarek. Has the time for a character like Sybok finally come based on the less black and white depiction we’ve seen of Vulcans since “Enterprise?”

Warpspeed Roundtable

Which holodeck/holosuite simulation would you like to step into? And why? Here are a few options:

  1. Nick Fontaine’s Vic’s Las Vegas Lounge?
  2. A Dixon Hill adventure?
  3. Bashir and O’Brien’s “Battle of Britain” simulator?
  4. A Data and LaForge’s Sherlock Holmes adventure?
  5. Any other?
  6. End Of Show

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