Episode 17: Trill Crazy After All These Years

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Subspace Chatter

Main Mission

Chuck’s “Mind Mull”

This time around we’re going to discuss things that came out of WonderCon. For those of you not familiar with it, WonderCon is an annual media convention that takes place in Anaheim, California. This year there was a “Star Trek Discovery” panel with a lot of the “behind the scenes” people.

  • The extensive use of 3D printing: props, prosthetics
  • Makeup appliances have moved from foam latex to silicone for better integration and detail
  • Subtle effects shots: L’Rell being beaten up by Georgiou, the blood was an effects shot
  • Myclial network in which Stamets walks based on the look of the real-life “Sticks of Fire” plant https://www.evergreennursery.com/euphorbia-sticks-fire
  • Showrunners: “You may be watching a same-sex female relationship already but you just don’t know it.” The characters lead with professionalism and competence first, not sexuality.
  • Looking forward to season 2 being more of a exploratory and diplomatic phase.
  • Debut of surprise “Section 31” scene with Leland and Georgiou

Warpspeed Roundtable


Gentlemen, I’m going to have you put on your black delta shields and each tell me what the coolest thing would be about being a member of Section 31.

End Of Show

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