Episode 15: Putting the ‘Odd’ in Odyssey

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Subspace Chatter


Chuck’s book reviews

  • Star Trek Legacies: Captain to Captain 4.5/5.0
    • Legacies: Book 1: Captain to Captain (Star Trek: The Original Series)
    • Hidden aboard the U.S.S. nterpriseis a secret that has been passed from captain to captain, from Robert April to Christopher Pike to James T. Kirk. Now the return of the enigmatic woman once known as Number One has brought that secret to light, and Kirk and his crew must risk everything to finish a mission that began with April so many years ago…
    • Good voice acting: several character voices remind me of LURRRR
  • Star Trek: Prime Directive 4.0/5.0
    • When Captain James T. Kirk destroys a world, a crime that breaks the Federation’s highest law–the Prime Directive–and the Enterprise is nearly destroyed, he faces the disgrace, and it is up to the crew to find out exactly what happened
    • Prime Directive (Star Trek)
  • The Shatnerverse Series by William Shatner | Goodreads

Main Mission

We will be talking about episode 15: “Will You Take My Hand?”, as well as the overall first season.

  • Discovery jumps into caves of Qo’nos
  • Tilly drinks Tranya with Balock while Georgiou gets her freak on and Burnham & Tyler talk
  • We find out Georgiou is going to detonate a hydro bomb into an active volcano
  • L’Rell is given control of the bomb and she calls off the attack on Earth
  • Tyler goes with L’Rell
  • The Enterprise appears


Warp Speed Route-Table

Who do you trust?ou are going to go through an Escape Room challenge. Who would you rather have on your team? And Why?

  • Sarek
  • Captain Lorca
  • Empress Sato
  • Lore

End of Show

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