Episode 157: Jinaal in the Family

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Remembering John G. Trimble | Star Trek

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Renewed, Lower Decks Ending

‘Hopefully We Find a New Home’: Jack Quaid Reacts to Star Trek: Lower Decks Ending at Paramount+

Paramount announces yet another Star Trek prequel

Star Trek Captain’s Choice Pre-Ground Coffee – Pop Culture Coffee

Star Trek Vulcan Vanilla Pre-Ground Coffee – Pop Culture Coffee

Fun 1982 Video of Leonard Nimoy Asking Fan if They Think Spock Really Died in STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KHAN — GeekTyrant

Long-lost model of ‘Star Trek’ Enterprise makes voyage home – UPI.com

Redstone’s Dilemma: Give Paramount Investors a Vote or Not?

Sony wants to buy Paramount, massive debt and all

Sony Deal for Paramount Would Draw Added Regulatory Scrutiny – BNN Bloomberg

Byron Allen Makes $30 Billion Bid For Paramount Global In Debt & Equity

Here are links to dozens of  additional stories broken out by series, movies and other categories. 

CLASSIC TV SERIES (in order of premiere)

Star Trek: The Original Series

  1. Cutting Just One Scene Turned Star Trek’s Court Martial Into A Confusing Mess
  2. How Star Trek’s Gene Roddenberry Coaxed Elinor Donahue Out Of Acting Retirement – IMDb
  3. The 10 Plagues of Star Trek: The Original Series | Star Trek

Star Trek: The Next Generation

  1. This Underrated Star Trek: TNG Season is Actually the Show’s Best
  2. Star Trek Creator Nearly Banned From Paramount | GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT
  3. The Star Trek TNG Episode So Hot It Was Almost Unfilmable | GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

  1. Star Trek’s Biggest Plot Twist Decided At The Last Minute | GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT
  2. Star Trek’s Most Underrated Series Became Great By Ignoring Gene Roddenberry | GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT

Star Trek: Voyager

  1. Star Trek’s Worst Pilot Episode Responsible For Its Best | GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT
  2. I’m Glad Robert Picardo Changed His Mind About Star Trek: Voyager’s Big Doctor Twist

STREAMING SERIES AND MOVIES (in order of premiere)

Star Trek: Discovery

  1. Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 Premiere Explained: Who Are the Progenitors?
  2. Secrets, Sequels, and a Synth Named Fred — Star Trek: Discovery’s “Red Directive” & “Under the Twin Moons” – Reactor
  3. Star Trek: Discovery’s Final Quest Will Take Faith of the Heart
  4. Star Trek: Discovery Season 5, Episode 1 Ending & TNG Treasure Explained
  5. ‘Star Trek: Discovery’: Why the barrier-breaking series is important
  6. 31 Years Later, Star Trek Just Resurrected a Wild Canon Twist
  7. ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ season 5 episode 2 sows the seeds of seasonal plot threads (Under the Twin Moons recap) | Space
  8. ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ opens its 5th and final season in unremarkable fashion (Red Directive recap) | Space
  9. REVIEW: Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 Premiere ‘Red Directive’
  10. Discovery Is Opening Star Trek’s Biggest Pandora’s Box
  11. Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 Eps. 1-2 Review: Burnham’s Last Crusade
  12. Star Trek: Discovery Cast Says Goodbye After Five Historic Seasons – The Knockturnal
  13. Star Trek: Discovery’s Huge Season 5 TNG Connection Explained By Showrunner
  14. RECAP | Star Trek: Discovery 502 – ‘Under the Twin Moons’ | Star Trek
  15. Voyager Is Why Star Trek Is Replacing Discovery’s Spore Drive
  16. Star Trek: Discovery – Like Old Times | Star Trek
  17. Sonequa Martin-Green Talks About Exhausting Last Day On Set For ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ – TrekMovie.com
  18. Preview ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Episode 503 With New Images And Clip From “Jinaal” – TrekMovie.com
  19. Star Trek: Discovery Introduces Its Own Data
  20. ‘Star Trek: Discovery’: Stamets & Culber ‘Connect in a Different Way’ in Season 5 | Entertainment | elpasoinc.com
  21. Star Trek Is Ditching Discovery’s Spore Drive – And That’s Good!
  22. FIRST LOOK | Star Trek: Discovery – ‘Jinaal’ | Star Trek
  23. Star Trek’s Most Hated Series Should Be Made Into An Alternate Timeline | GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT
  24. Season 5 of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Starts Off With a Bang | The Workprint
  25. STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Season 5’s Legacy Star Trek Connection, Explained
  26. The ‘Star Trek’ Universe’s Best Black Characters
  27. Star Trek Discovery’s Doug Jones Reveals How He Said Goodbye to Saru (And It Involves Whitney Houston)
  28. I Love That Star Trek: Discovery Season 5’s Premiere Cut To The Chase
  29. Star Trek: Discovery Teases DS9 Aliens As 32nd Century Federation’s Next Major Enemy
  30. Moll & L’ak: Star Trek Discovery Actors Eve Harlow & Elias Toufexis Explained
  31. ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 5 Preview Offers Intriguing Clues And The Return To [SPOILERS] – TrekMovie.com
  32. “Star Trek: Discovery” makes a case for Michael Burnham as the last great Starfleet captain | Salon.com
  33. Star Trek: Discovery Fixed Saru’s Problem, Then Repeated The Same Captain Mistake
  34. Star Trek: Discovery’s Wilson Cruz Ponders the Galaxy’s Biggest Questions on The Ready Room | Star Trek
  35. Star Trek: Discovery Writer Teases Significant Consequences Following Dr. Culber’s Season 5 Trill Transformation
  36. Star Trek: Discovery “Face the Strange” Review: Embarking on a Temporal Odyssey – TREKNEWS.NET | Your daily dose of Star Trek news and opinion
  37. Watch: Things Get “Odd” In ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Trailer And Clip From “Face The Strange” – TrekMovie.com
  38. Star Trek: Discovery Ending Is a Blessing in Disguise
  39. FIRST LOOK | Star Trek: Discovery – ‘Face the Strange’ | Star Trek
  40. Preview ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Episode 504 With New Images And Clip From “Face The Strange” – TrekMovie.com
  41. ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ season 5 episode 3 ‘Jinaal’ is a slow but steady affair | Space
  42. Star Trek Points Out What’s Off About Discovery’s Starfleet Uniforms
  43. Star Trek: Discovery’s Elias Toufexis Addresses Fans Comparing Eve Harlow’s Moll To Ahsoka’s Shin Hati, And He Didn’t Hold Back | Cinemablend
  44. Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 Episode 4 Recap and Ending Explained
  45. Why Lorca Isn’t In Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 Explained By Sonequa Martin-Green
  46. Interview: Sonequa Martin-Green On Facing Her Past On ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ And Her Hopes For The Future – TrekMovie.com
  47. Star Trek Villains Behind Latest Mystery Revealed | GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

  1. Star Trek: Scotty played by Scottish actor for first time
  2. Actor Talks “Authentic” Scotty On ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’; Season 3 Production Passes Milestone – TrekMovie.com
  3. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 4 Needs Another Lower Decks Crossover

Star Trek: Starfleet Academy

  1. We Asked Star Trek: Discovery’s Mary Wiseman About The Starfleet Academy Series, And Her Response Is All I Need | Cinemablend
  2. Mary Wiseman Really Doesn’t Want To Talk About Tilly Returning On ‘Star Trek: Starfleet Academy’ – TrekMovie.com

Section 31 streaming “event movie

  1. Star Trek’s Newest Movie Isn’t Shy About Its Mission: Impossible Influence – IMDb

THEATRICAL MOTION PICTURES (in order of premiere)

Star Trek III: The Search for Spock

  1. Why Leonard Nimoy Directed Star Trek III: The Search for Spock

Star Trek into Darkness

  1. Star Trek’s Shocking Reason For Resurrecting Its Best Villain | GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT

    Star Trek Beyond
  2. Star Trek Beyond Had A Deeper Backstory For Krall’s Army That Fans Never Got To See

Untitled Star Trek “origins” movie [set for release during the 2025/2026 season]

  1. ‘Star Trek’ Origin Story Movie Will Be Set Decades Before 2009 Film

Untitled Star Trek Kelvin-verse movie [currently not on Paramount announced roster]

  1. Star Trek Actor Zoe Saldana Still Hopeful For Star Trek 4
  2. Star Trek 4 Is Still Stuck In Development Hell
  3. Star Trek 4 Has To Happen In 2026

Star Trek books, audio books and DVDs

  1. ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Season 4 blasts onto Blu-ray and DVD on April 16 | Space

Star Trek Comics/graphic novels/magazines

  1. Star Trek Explorer #11 Delivers A Difficult Encounter Between Captain Shaw and Seven of Nine | Star Trek
  2. Star Trek Sets the Stage for Wesley Crusher’s Galaxy-Shaking Return
  3. Star Trek: Defiant #14 – Comic Book Preview


Star Trek related science news

  1. Star Trek Replicator Becoming Real | GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT
  2. 4 “Star Trek” Technologies That Have Come to Life Thanks to AI | by Centric Consulting | Centric Tech Views | Apr, 2024 | Medium
  3. Engineers recreate Star Trek’s Holodeck using ChatGPT and video game assets


  1. A Guide to Star Trek: Discovery’s First Contacts | Star Trek
  2. A Brief History of the Progenitors in Star Trek | Star Trek
  3. Walter Koenig Points Out A Star Trek Trope That Is “Repeated Again And Again”
  4. 4×4: John Jeter talks about Fort Smith Symphony’s season finale, ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ | Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
  5. Why Star Trek: Discovery Is My Favorite 21st-Century Star Trek – Reactor
  6. The Best Star Trek Siblings | Star Trek
  7. Star Trek’s Last 2 Live-Action Shows Are Discovery Sequels
  8. Star Trek 101: Trill History | Star Trek
  9. Here’s the reason 5 seasons is not the new normal for a Star Trek series
  10. Star Trek May Be Returning To Rick Berman’s Era In 1 Big Way
  11. Elon Musk, Silicon Valley Should Hold on to Star Trek Dreams – Bloomberg

Actor Watch

  1. Sonequa Martin-Green on Prepping for Discovery and Rewatching Past Trek
  2. Sonequa Martin-Green bids farewell to historic role on “Star Trek: Discovery” | Sandhills Express
  3. Making TV History with Star Trek: Discovery
  4. Q&A: Callum Keith Rennie joins ‘Star Trek’ in final season of ‘Discovery’
  5. ‘Star Trek’s’ Patrick Stewart – YouTube
  6. WARP FIVE: Callum Keith Rennie on Discovery’s Gruff First Officer | Star Trek
  7. Watch: Did This Moment On ‘The View’ Just Accidentally Hint Whoopi Goldberg Is In The Next Star Trek Movie? – TrekMovie.com

Main Mission, Part 1

Star Trek: Discovery
Season 5, Episode 3
Written by Kyle Jarrow & Lauren Wilkinson
Directed by Andi Armaganian

Main Mission, Part 2

Season 5, Episode 4
“Face the Strange”
Written by Sean Cochran
Directed by Lee Rose

End Of Show

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