Episode 154: Trek Fans, On The Ocean

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Fundraiser for Susan May Pratt by Carolyn Lewinsky : For Ken’s Family – Susan and kids Lilah & Kallum

Kenneth Mitchell, Canadian ‘Star Trek’ and Marvel actor, dies at 49 – National | Globalnews.ca

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In Vulcan, Alberta, Canada news…

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Here are links to 131(!) additional Trek stories, broken out by series, movies and other categories. Enjoy.

CLASSIC TV SERIES (in order of premiere)

Star Trek: The Original Series

  1. Leonard Nimoy Hosts Star Trek’s Original Pilot Movie In Rare Footage
  2. Kirk’s First Star Trek: TOS Enemy Gary Mitchell Explained
  3. Walter Koenig Fixed A Star Trek Mistake In A Classic TOS Episode, And William Shatner Agreed
        >>> Walter on the 7th Rule podcast in the article: Mythology | Review of Star Trek Episode 202, “Who Mourns for Adonais,” with WALTER KOENIG | T7R #271 – YouTube
  4. The 10 Best Spock Episodes of ‘Star Trek The Original Series,’ Ranked

Star Trek: The Animated Series

  1. 5 Ways Star Trek: The Animated Series Totally Predicted Modern Star Trek | Star Trek

Star Trek: The Next Generation

  1. The ‘banned’ Star Trek episode that promised a united Ireland
  2. A Writers’ Strike Nearly Sunk Star Trek: TNG’s The Neutral Zone Episode
  3. Guinan & Picard’s Slavery Talk Is A Defining Star Trek: TNG Conversation
  4. Picard Vs. Riker: Star Trek TNG’s Classic Data Episode Pitted Captain Against Number One For The 1st Time
  5. Star Trek: TNG’s Most Hated Episode Still Traumatizes Denise Crosby
  6. Who Are the Best Characters in Star Trek: The Next Generation?
  7. The 10 Best Jean-Luc Picard Episodes on ‘Star Trek,’ Ranked
  8. Star Trek’s Up The Long Ladder Brought A Famous Star Wars Planet Into Federation Space
  9. Jonathan Frakes: Patrick Stewart Becoming “Silly” Made Him Star Trek TNG’s “Real Number One”
  10. Star Trek’s Marina Sirtis Shares Disappointment When Troi Was Cut From Tng Episode – IMDb
  11. There Was One Thing The Star Trek: The Next Generation Cast Hated About The Show

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

  1. Star Trek: Picard’s LeVar Burton Says Returning To USS Enterprise-D “Was 1987 Again”
  2. How Was Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Made
  3. Star Trek Wanted To Replace DS9’s Best Hero With TNG Character

Star Trek: Voyager

  1. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Crossover Was A “Dream Come True” For Tawny Newsome – IMDb
  2. Q On Star Trek: Voyager Vs. TNG Real Difference Explained by John De Lancie
  3. Star Trek: Voyager’s Starfleet Serial Killer Explained By Producer
  4. Best Star Trek: Voyager Episode Of Each Main Character

Star Trek: Enterprise

  1. ‘Star Trek: Enterprise’ Was Fated To Fail From the Start
  2. Star Trek Enterprise Needed More Seasons To Be Better, Says Fan
  3. Gremlins Star Zach Galligan Almost Starred in a Star Trek Series

STREAMING SERIES AND MOVIES (in order of premiere)

Star Trek: Discovery

  1. Star Trek: Discovery’s Mirror Universe Gave Fans A “Great Sense Of Joy”, Says Sonequa Martin-Green
  2. Which Timeline is Star Trek: Discovery In?
  3. Frakes Helped “Discovery” Cast With Backlash – Dark Horizons
  4. Star Trek Discovery’s Sonequa Martin-Green Waited To Sit In Captain’s Chair: “When It’s Michael’s Turn, It’s My Turn” – IMDb
  5. Analysis: ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 5 Trailer Reveals Puzzles, Clues And A Visit To [SPOILER] – TrekMovie.com
  6. Sonequa Martin-Green on Star Trek: Discovery’s Original Pitch and Working With Michelle Yeoh (Exclusive) | Television Academy
  7. Star Trek: Discovery’s David Ajala Promises “Amazing” Start To Season 5 – IMDb
  8. Star Trek: Discovery’s Beginning Was “Daunting,” Felt Doug Jones
  9. ‘Star Trek Discovery’ Season 5 Spoilers: Sonequa Martin Green Video
  10. ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ ending gave Sonequa Martin-Green many emotions
  11. Doug Jones “Melancholy” About Star Trek Discovery’s Final Season: “I Love Saru”
  12. Star Trek’s Most Hated Story Comes From A Surprising Place
  13. “We Would All Do It”: Discovery Season 5 Star Says Cast Would Do Star Trek Crossovers
  14. “This Has To Work”: Star Trek: Discovery Cast & Crew Overcame Issues To Create Finale Epilogue

Star Trek: Picard

  1. Star Trek Admits the Dark Truth of Worf’s Life, Making His Picard Ending Even Better
  2. One Star Trek: Picard Episode Gave Brent Spiner A Career-First Challenge
  3. Star Trek: Picard’s LeVar Burton Says Returning To USS Enterprise-D “Was 1987 Again”
  4. Star Trek Picard Hate Explained By Fans Of The Sci-Fi Franchise
  5. Jeri Ryan’s Favorite Star Trek: Picard & Patrick Stewart Memory: “Giving Him Crap”

Star Trek: Lower Decks

  1. You Won’t Believe A Star Trek Meeting Just Happened For The First Time
  2. 10 Best Star Trek: Lower Decks Characters, Ranked

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

  1. 6 Classic Star Trek Characters Strange New Worlds Season 3 Can Debut
  2. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Crossover Was A “Dream Come True” For Tawny Newsome – IMDb
  3. Kirk Is “A Serious Bookworm” Says Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Paul Wesley
  4. Star Trek Fans Spot Strange New Worlds And Discovery Phasers Detail

Star Trek: Starfleet Academy

  1. Starfleet Academy Show Is “Trying To Tell A Star Trek Story In A New Way”, Says Tawny Newsome

Unnamed Section 31 streaming “event movie”

  1. Why Star Trek Needs to Forget Section 31 | Den of Geek
  2. Star Trek Should Remove Section 31 From The Timeline, Says Fan
  3. DS9’s Dr. Bashir Is The Star Trek Legacy Character Section 31 Movie Needs Most

(unannounced “Star Trek: Legacy” series)

  1. Terry Matalas Working On Non-Star Trek Projects, But “They Know Where To Find Me” For ‘Legacy’ – TrekMovie.com
  2. Interview: Terry Matalas On ‘Picard’ Moments And ‘Star Trek: Legacy’ Hopes – “There’s So Many Stories To Tell” – TrekMovie.com
  3. Star Trek: Picard Showrunner Confirms No Legacy Spinoff Despite “Rich 25th Century” – IMDb
  4. Star Trek: Picard Showrunner Confirms No Legacy Spinoff Despite “Rich 25th Century”

THEATRICAL MOTION PICTURES (in order of premiere)

Star Trek: First Contact

  1. Star Trek’s Best Movie Ruined Its Villain

Star Trek (2009)

  1. 20 facts you might not know about ‘Star Trek’ (2009) | Yardbarker

Untitled Star Trek movie [currently removed from Paramount roster]

  1. The New Star Trek Movie Is a MISTAKE! – YouTube
  2. Exclusive: Danai Gurira Talks About Her “Cool” Role In The Shelved Chris Hemsworth ‘Star Trek 4’ Movie – TrekMovie.com
  3. Cate Blanchett Nearly Got Beamed Into Star Trek

Star Trek books, audio books and DVDs

  1. Star Trek Books 2024 – Trek Central
  2. First Look at Star Trek: Picard: The Art and Making of the Series | Star Trek
  3. Exclusive Short Fiction Excerpt From ‘Star Trek Explorer Presents: “The Mission” And Other Stories’ – TrekMovie.com
  4. Star Trek ‘The Mission’ and Other Stories Offers A Prelude to a Classic Original Series Episode | Star Trek
  5. Star Trek: Discovering the TV Series

Star Trek video games/board games

  1. Star Trek: Away Missions Unboxing and Components Review – GamesReviews.com
  2. Star Trek And Tekken 8 Are Coming To Universus
  3. Star Trek Resurgence Steam Release Seeks Out New Life – GameSpace.com
  4. STAR TREK: LOWER DECKS: THE BADGEY DIRECTIVE Adds Star Trek: Discovery Characters

Star Trek Comics/graphic novels/magazines

  1. Spock Admits the Dark Truth of Why the Romulan Supernova Was So Devastating
  2. After 32 Years, Star Trek Fixes a Borg Plothole in the Darkest Way
  3. Every Major Star Trek Comic Book Crossover, Ranked
  4. Star Trek’s Todd Stashwick Celebrates Captain Shaw’s Apparent Return
  5. Captain Kirk’s First Act on Becoming Admiral Changed Star Trek Lore Forever
  6. Star Trek Celebrations: Trek’s Most ‘Badass’ LGBTQIA+ Characters Take The Spotlight in New Pride Special (Exclusive)
  7. Star Trek: Celebrations Pride Special Announced
  8. ‘Emissary of The Prophets’: Star Trek’s Ben Sisko Finally Embraces Godhood in Breathtaking New Artwork (Exclusive)


Paramount Global/Paramount+ News

  1. Paramount Stock Has 10% Downside, According to 1 Wall Street Analyst
  2. Streaming Investment Spurs Profit Drop in Paramount Global Q2
  3. Paramount+ Tops 43 Million Subscribers in Q2, Adding 3.7 Million
  4. Paramount Global (NASDAQ:PARA) Shares Acquired by Ariel Investments LLC
  5. Analysts Have Conflicting Sentiments on These Communication Services Companies: fuboTV (FUBO), Outbrain (OB) and Paramount Global Class B (PARA) | Markets Insider
  6. All of Paramount Global’s Profits Come From 1 Part of Its Business. Is That a Problem for the Stock? | The Motley Fool
  7. Even more bad news for Star Trek’s future with Paramount Global


  1. 10 Star Trek Sequels To Past Episodes
  2. These Were the Voyages — Looking Back on 13 Years of Star Trek Rewatches – Reactor
  3. Every Star Trek Movie, Ranked by Box Office
  4. Star Trek Is Responsible For Creep Factor In Iconic 1980s Horror Film
  5. Best USS Enterprise Commanding Officers In Star Trek
  6. 10 Star Trek Weddings That Need To Happen
  7. Why Star Trek Uniform Colors Changed From the Original Series to Next Generation | Den of Geek
  8. Worst Star Trek Starships To Work On
  9. Star Trek’s Most Famous Drink Makes No Sense
  10. Does Doctor Who Have a Solution to Star Trek’s Continuity Problems?
  11. Jeri Ryan: Seven of Nine Is The Star Trek “Gift That Keeps On Giving”
  12. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Makes the Original Star Trek Feel Different
  13. How Star Trek’s Future Works – Money, Work and Property – YouTube
  14. Why Is Star Trek Ship Design Unique In Science Fiction?
  15. Star Trek’s Most Iconic Villains Don’t Make Sense
  16. 10 Actors You Forgot Appeared in Star Trek
  17. How Old Is Seven Of Nine In Star Trek: Voyager & Picard?
  18. Every Star Trek Character Played By Suzie Plakson
  19. TNG Rehashed A Classic Star Trek Story But Kirk’s Show Did It Better
  20. Star Trek TNG Hometown Hero Statue In the Works

Convention news/fandom

  1. Star Trek: The Cruise 2025 – Star Trek: The Cruise 2025
  2. Creation Brings Back Regional Star Trek Conventions Starting In San Francisco This Weekend, Chicago In Fall – TrekMovie.com
        >>> Creation Entertainment’s ST-SF: Trek To San Francisco
        >>> Creation Entertainment’s STLV:TREK 2 VEGAS Convention 2024
  3. Decorated Doors of Star Trek: The Cruise VII | Star Trek
  4. Day 6 and 7 of Star Trek: The Cruise VII | Star Trek
  5. Scenes from Star Trek: The Cruise VII | Star Trek
  6. How Many Star Trek Movies Are There?
  7. (7) Day 5 of Star Trek: The Cruise VII | StarTrek.com – YouTube
  8. Day 5 of Star Trek: The Cruise VII | Star Trek
  9. ‘Enterprise’ Cast Talks Series “Death Knell,” Crusher Family Comedy Hour, And More Star Trek Cruise Day 4 – TrekMovie.com
  10. ‘Lower Decks’ Teased And Improvised, “Spock’s Brain” Rebooted, And More From Star Trek: The Cruise Day 3 – TrekMovie.com

Actor Watch

  1. Michelle Forbes: From Star Trek’s Ensign Ro to Iconic TV Roles Ove…
  2. Rainn Wilson on a Star Trek future, Shrute Bucks, and creating a kinder society – YouTube
        >>> Jump to Trek section of video: https://youtu.be/uznfsuCuFio?t=323
  3. ‘Strange New Worlds’ Season 3 Will Be Drawing From Obscure Star Trek Canon
  4. Star Trek: Lower Decks: Quaid, Cordero Finally Get to Meet In Person
  5. Michael Dorn says not pairing Worf and Raffi again will be “missing an opportunity”
  6. Nicolas Cage Would Be “Amazing On Star Trek: Strange New Worlds,” Says Wil Wheaton
  7. Star Trek’s Wil Wheaton Wants a Crusher Brothers Spinoff Series
  8. Picard Showrunner “Would Kill” To Write Nicolas Cage In Star Trek 4
  9. Sonequa Martin-Green Looks Forward to Showing Kids ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ (Exclusive)
  10. Would Strange New Worlds’ Paul Wesley Play Kirk In His Own Star Trek Show? “One Thousand Percent”
  11. ‘I Would Absolutely Come Back’: Wil Wheaton Addresses Star Trek Return
  12. Wil Wheaton says he’s done being an actor…except for Star Trek
  13. Interview: Jeri Ryan On Taking Seven From Borg To Bi Captain Of The Enterprise To ‘Star Trek: Legacy’ – TrekMovie.com

Main Mission

Star Trek: The Cruise VII
February 22 to 29, 2024
Departing out of Port Canaveral, with stops at Curaçao and Aruba.

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