Episode 152: Glory Blaze

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  • It’s been a hot minute, time for more Trek movie rumors
  • We take more wild guesses about Star Trek
  • Avast! There be a Trek novel bein’ reviewed real soon

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Only Chris Pine’s Star Trek Movies Remain On Paramount Plus, Fans Unhappy

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CLASSIC TV SERIES (in order of premiere)

Star Trek: The Original Series

  1. Star Trek’s Famous Vulcan Salute Has A Deeper Meaning That Truly Pleased Leonard Nimoy

Star Trek: The Next Generation

  1. Star Trek Originally Cast A Famous Movie Star As Riker
  2. Why Star Trek’s Leonard Nimoy Didn’t Want To Be An EP On The Next Generation | Cinemablend
  3. TNG’s Classic Series Finale Was Originally Even Better Than What Fans Saw, Say Star Trek Actor & Producer
  4. Did Star Trek predict an Irish reunification in 2024? | indy100
  5. 1 Star Trek: TNG Episode Was So Dark, It Got Banned
  6. 7 Episodes From Star Trek: TNG’s Worst Season Are Better Than You Remember
  7. Gates McFadden Reveals Dr. Beverly Crusher’s Best Star Trek: TNG Season
  8. TV Changed For The Better Thanks To Star Trek: The Next Generation
  9. Scotty & Troi’s Original Star Trek Crew Cut Scene Revealed By TNG Writer
  10. Star Trek’s Michael Dorn Thinks Kurn Changed Worf’s Character For The Worse

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

  1. Deep Space Nine’s ‘Far Beyond the Stars’ Is About Star Trek Itself
  2. Gowron’s Story In Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Almost Had A Much Darker Ending
  3. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s ‘It’s Only A Paper Moon’ Explained
  4. Star Trek: What Happened to Quark After Deep Space 9?
  5. DS9 Foreshadowed Star Trek: Prodigy’s Paramount Plus Controversy

Star Trek: Voyager

  1. Seven Of Nine’s Worst Voyager Relationship Explained By Star Trek Actors
  2. Star Trek’s Harry Kim Admits Serving on Voyager Basically Destroyed His Career
  3. Star Trek Producer Praises Voyager Finale, Reveals Alternate Ideas For Series Ending
  4. Star Trek: Voyager Problems With Jeri Ryan Are “On Me”, Says Kate Mulgrew

Star Trek: Enterprise

  1. The Enterprise Episode That Shattered Star Trek Canon – But Did Right By A Classic Villain
  2. Jonathan Frakes’ True Feelings About The Controversial Star Trek: Enterprise Finale

STREAMING SERIES AND MOVIES (in order of premiere)

Star Trek: Discovery

  1. 10 Things We Want From Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 3
  2. Star Trek: Discovery Unveils Episode Titles For Season 5
  3. 8 Star Trek: Discovery Things To Know Before Season 5
  4. Star Trek: Discovery Cancellation Gets Even Worse
  5. Discovery’s Michael Burnham Deserves Her Own Star Trek Movie

Star Trek: Picard

  1. 10 Good Things In Star Trek: Picard Season 2
  2. Star Trek: Picard Almost Cast This 12 Monkeys Actress As The Borg Queen
  3. Roddenberry’s Star Trek TNG Data Concept Was Fulfilled By Picard Season 3

Star trek: Prodigy

  1. Star Trek Takes Over Netflix Days After Being Added
  2. Star Trek: Prodigy Netflix Success Proves the Franchise Needs a New Audience
  3. A Star Trek: Prodigy Episode Was Almost Done On Deep Space Nine
  4. Star Trek: Prodigy Creators Tease Hope for Season 3, but There’s a Catch
  5. ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Showrunners Talk Janeway/Chakotay Reunion And How Season 2 Wraps Up Series – TrekMovie.com
  6. “Star Trek: Prodigy” Pair Tease Potential S3 – Dark Horizons
  7. Star Trek: Prodigy Season 2 Ending Has “Great Promise” For Season 3, Says Creators
  8. Star Trek: Prodigy Broke Tradition With The USS Protostar

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

  1. Star Trek’s Christina Chong Promises “Epic” Strange New Worlds Season 3 Premiere
  2. Star Trek Turned 2023 into the Year of Scotty – & He More Than Earned It
  3. Jonathan Frakes Changed & Improved Strange New Worlds Crossover Scene, Says Tawny Newsome

(potential, unannounced “Star Trek: Legacy” series)

  1. Star Trek: Legacy Series Canceled But For The Best Reason?
  2. Star Trek: Why Legacy Needs To Happen
  3. Star Trek Is Really Going To Waste Jeri Ryan As Captain Seven of Nine?

THEATRICAL MOTION PICTURES (in order of premiere)

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

  1. The One Redeeming Quality Gene Roddenberry Saw In Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan

Star Trek: First Contact

  1. Data’s “Sick & Perverted” Borg Queen Romance Explained By Star Trek: First Contact Writer

Star Trek: Nemesis

  1. Jonathan Frakes Explains Star Trek: Nemesis’ Mistakes: “Not Enough Of TNG Family”

Star Trek video games/board games

  1. Star Trek Online Reveals The Next Massive Expansion, Both Worlds

Star Trek Comics/graphic novels/magazines

  1. See Cadet Jean-Luc Under Pressure In Preview Of ‘Star Trek: Picard’s Academy’ #4 – TrekMovie.com


Star Trek related science news

  1. Star Trek: Scientists propel ‘Star Trek’ tech from fiction to reality with quantum ‘teleportation’ breakthrough – The Economic Times
  2. NASA Spots Delightful ‘Star Trek’ Symbol On Mars


  1. Nyota Uhura’s Most Iconic Star Trek Moments | Star Trek
  2. Star Trek Needs To Stop Making Movies For So Many Reasons
  3. Find Your Calling with These Star Trek Episodes | Star Trek
  4. Star Trek’s Different Uniform Colors And Their Meanings Explained
  5. How The Big Bang Theory Paid Tribute To Star Trek’s Leonard Nimoy After His Death
  6. Ranking every Star Trek show from 2023 in order of quality and impact
  7. Star Trek: Times Vulcans Were Illogical
  8. Every Khan Family Member In Star Trek
  9. The Star Trek Reference In David Fincher’s Zodiac, Explained
  10. 2024 Is a Hell of a Year in Star Trek History
  11. How to Rise Above the Role of Family Scapegoat | Psychology Today
  12. Star Trek 2024: What To Expect in the New Year
  13. How Star Trek Failed The Gorn: The Series’ Most Controversial Villains Explained
  14. What To Look Forward To From Star Trek In 2024 – TrekMovie.com
  15. 12 Best Star Trek Season Finales Ranked
  16. Star Trek’s Use of Transporters, Explained
  17. How A Star Trek Drag Show Is Helping The Homeless In Oklahoma – TrekMovie.com
  18. Star Trek & Seinfeld Crossover With Surprisingly Perfect Dialogue In Video
  19. Star Trek: Most Important Battles
  20. Train guard makes passengers laugh with Star Trek station announcements – Wales Online
  21. Stuck valve may have doomed private Peregrine moon lander mission | Space
  22. Star Trek: Best Planets To Live On
  23. In Apple’s For All Mankind, The Star Trek Franchise Charted A Very Different Course
  24. Star Trek: Characters That Just Disappeared

Actor Watch

  1. Podcast: All Access Star Trek Gets Phloxed With John Billingsley For Trek Talks 3, ‘Enterprise,’ And More – TrekMovie.com
  2. Star Trek: Patrick Stewart’s Memoir Gives Picard Season 2 A Whole New 
  3. Patrick Stewart Reflects on ‘Doctor Strange 2’ ExperienceMeaning
  4. William Shatner Sparks Debate on Return as Captain Kirk in Star Trek
  5. Star Trek: William Shatner Not Sounding Optimistic About Kirk’s Future
  6. Patrick Stewart Says a STAR TREK: PICARD Movie is Currently in Development — GeekTyrant
  7. Patrick Stewart talks MAKING IT SO, STAR TREK, PROFESSOR X I Happy Sad Confused – YouTube
  8. Chris Pine’s “Kickass” Captain Kirk Praised By Star Trek Writer


  1. Tracy Tormé | Memory Alpha | Fandom
  2. Tracy Tormé – IMDb
  3. Mickey Cottrell, Hollywood publicist, ‘Star Trek’ actor and producer, dead at 79
  4. Mickey Cottrell – IMDb
  5. David Soul Dead: The “Starsky And Hutch” Star Was 80
  6. David Soul – IMDb
  7. David Soul – Don’t Give Up On Us – YouTube
  8. David Soul – Live In Concert (1981) – YouTube

Main Mission

Star Trek: The Next Generation paperback novel
“Blaze of Glory”
Written by Simon Hawke

Protecting the newly-independent planet of K’Trall, Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the Enterprise intercept a rogue ship’s attack, and uncover a deadly secret that could result in a new age of oppression.

Blaze of Glory (Star Trek The Next Generation, No 34): Hawke, Simon: 9780671880453: Amazon.com: Books

Warp Speed Round Table

This time we take on season 5 of “Star Trek: Discovery.” What do we know? Absolutely nothing. But, that won’t stop us. We’re going to share the actual episode titles and take guesses on what the episodes are about.

Here we go:

  • Episode 1: Red Directive
  • Episode 2: Under the Twin Moons
  • Episode 3: Jinaal
  • Episode 4: Face the Strange
  • Episode 5: Mirrors
  • Episode 6: Whistlespeak
  • Episode 7: Erigah
  • Episode 8: Labyrinths
  • Episode 9: Lagrange Point
  • Episode 10: Life, Itself

Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 – Episode Titles For Final Season Revealed

Time to refill the dilithium chamber and warp on out of here!

But a quick word on our upcoming schedule of shows, which will be a bit sporadic due to travel and whatnot.

Feb. 8: Clinton’s Book Review (Star Trek: Voyager – The Murdered Sun by Christie Golden

March 7: Chuck and Kreg will be back from the latest Star Trek cruise with a report

March 21: Chuck’s Book Review

April 4: Possibly the Star Trek: Discovery premier – or “Star Trek stuff show and tell:

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