Episode 133: Last Call at the Disco

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Here are links to 59 additional stories.broken out by series, movies and other categories, including an article on the passing of composer Gerald Fried, responsible for many musical scores but you might know him best as the composer of the fight-scene music in “Amok time.” Just go to the show notes for episode 133, “Last Call At The Disco’ over at The Topic is Trek .com.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

  1. Star Trek: TNG Characters That Deserve Their Own Series
  2. Star Trek: Characters Who Were In Both The Original Series & Next Generation

Star Trek: Discovery

  1. ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Cast And Crew Share Emotional Tributes Following Series Ending Announcement – TrekMovie.com
  2. Wilson Cruz reacts to news that ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ is coming to an end – Queerty
  3. ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ is ending with season 5 next year | Engadget
  4. ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Is Ending with Season 5 — It Couldn’t Come at a Better Time
  5. Why Discovery Is Ending With Season 5 & What It Means For Star Trek
  6. Star Trek: Discovery Never Quite Worked – Because It Rejected Core Star Trek Ideas

Star Trek: Picard

  1. ‘Star Trek: Picard,’ Season 3, Episode 1 Recap: Reunion Engage – The New York Times
  2. Star Trek: Picard Season 3 Episode 1 Review – The Next Generation  | Den of Geek
  3. The Best Star Trek Easter Eggs in the Picard Season 3 Premiere | Den of Geek
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  5. Picard season 3 might save Trek by being the ultimate 90s grand finale – Polygon
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  7. Star Trek Picard: Things About Picard The Show Changes From The Next Generation
  8. Star Trek’s Patrick Stewart and Gates McFadden break down episode 3’s emotional confrontation
  9. ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 3: Who Are the Changelings?
  10. Every Clue About DS9’s Changelings In Star Trek Picard Season 3
  11. Picard Vs. Riker Season 3 Conflict Reaffirms TNG Over Star Trek Movies
  12. Patrick Stewart and Gates Mcfadden Performance in ‘Star Trek: Picard’ | TVLine
  13. Star Trek: Picard Season 3 Is Just Season 1; With Nostalgia – Trek Central
  14. Star Trek: Picard Season 3 Just Became a Deep Space Nine Sequel, Too | Den of Geek
  15. Star Trek: Picard Showrunner Reveals Why Season 3 Cut Most of the Previous Cast
  16. TNG reunion injects a little fun into Star Trek: Picard’s uneven final season | Ars Technica
  17. Picard Season 3 Rectifies A Star Trek Generations Ending Mistake
  18. the USS Titan-A: How This ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Ship Came To Be
  19. Star Trek legend breaks down emotional Next Generation reunion in Picard season 3
  20. Brent Spiner Talks ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Roles And Why He’s Still Okay With Data Dying In ‘Nemesis’ – TrekMovie.com
  21. Is ‘Star Trek: Picard’ season 4 in the works?
  22. Star Trek: Picard’s Red Lady, Explained
  23. Star Trek Picard Season 3’s Easter Egg Code Is a Security Nightmare
  24. ‘Star Trek’: Picard and Crusher’s Relationship History, Explained
  25. Star Trek: Picard’s Red Door – What Lies Beyond? – Trek Central
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Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

  1. ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Wins 3 Canadian Costume Awards – TrekMovie.com
  2. Strange New Worlds Can Show Scotty’s Biggest Unseen Star Trek Moment

Star Trek: The Motion Picture

  1. Star Trek: The Motion Picture Revisited – is it as dull as they say?

Star Trek: Generations

  1. How Star Trek: Generations Butchered The Next Generation Cast’s Return

Untitled Star Trek movie [currently removed from Paramount roster]

  1. 6 Biggest Questions Star Trek 4 Needs To Answer

Star Trek books, audio books and DVDs

  1. Review: ‘Strange New Worlds – The High Country’ Delivers A High-Stakes Star Trek Adventure – TrekMovie.com
  2. ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ Movie Collection On 4K Blu-ray Coming In April – TrekMovie.com

Star Trek Comics/graphic novels/magazines

  1. Star Trek’s New God-Killer Drops Major Clue To Q’s True Power

Paramount+ News

  1. Paramount+’s cost cutting isn’t surprising but will impact Star Trek


  1. Star Trek: The Pod Directive returns for season 3.
  2. Every Major Star Trek Villain Species, Ranked
  3. Star Trek: Who Are The Maquis?
  4. Star Trek: Who Is The Smartest Human In The Franchise?
  5. 10 Greatest Star Trek Fight Scenes – YouTube
  6. Star Trek: Things You Didn’t Know About Captain Pike
  7. Best ‘Star Trek’ Parodies, Ranked | Cracked.com
  8. 10 Star Trek Bloopers You Need To See – YouTube
  9. Ranking All the STAR TREK Hero Ships from Best to Worst – Nerdist
  10. Alien & Star Trek fandoms forged world of new space game Scars Above | Space

Actor Watch

  1. William Shatner Doesn’t Think He Could Take A Kirk Series Like Star Trek: Picard
  2. Star Trek Picard Season 3 Cast Answers If They’d Go to Space

  3. Gerald Fried Dead: Composer for ‘Star Trek,’ ‘Gilligan’s Island’ – Variety

Away Team Report

Chuck and Kreg take a few minutes to talk about “Star Trek: The Cruise 6”

Main Mission

Episode 2
Written by Christopher Monfette & Sean Tretta
Directed by Douglas Aarniokoski

Episode 3
“Seventeen Seconds”
Written by Jane Maggs & Cindy Appel
Directed by Jonathan Frakes

Episode 4
“No Win Scenario”
Written by Terry Matalas & Sean Tretta
Directed by Jonathan Frakes

Warp Speed Round Table


Last time around we asked you to invent a unique way to destroy the new Enterprise – NCC-1701-F

Mad Marv gave us this scenario: “I predict that the main computer will gain sentience from a transporter accident with The Doctor (from Voyager).  His pattern in the buffer jumps the shar..firewall and rub off onto the main computer.  The computer starts to speak and sound exactly like Moriarty while totally denying that Moriarty is back.  Everything goes downhill from there until Moriarty decides to time travel the Enterprise back to his home in 19th century England.  He drops a decimal point, or three, in his calculations and the Enterprise goes somewhere/somewhen and is never seen again.  Maybe.  Depends if he takes Jellico, Pulaski, etc. with him.”

This time we ask:

“What are your top 3 moments from Discovery, seasons 1-4?”

Time to refill the dilithium chamber and warp on out of here!

End Of Show


It’s about time to refill the dilithium chamber and get on out of here. 

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