Episode 123: Never Back Down! Never cower!

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Here are links to 19 additional stories.broken out by series, movies and other categories. 

Star Trek: Voyager

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Actor Watch

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Main Mission

Star Trek: Lower Decks
Season 3, Episode 2
“The Least Dangerous Game”
Written by Garrick Bernard
Directed by Michael Mullen

Short plot synopsis: 

On a tropical paradise planet, Mariner questions Commander Ransom on how he structures his away team. Boimler makes a bold career decision.

Season 3, Episode 3
“Mining the Mind’s Mines”
Written by Brian D. Bradley
Directed by Fill Marc Sagadraca

Short plot synopsis: 

On a remote science outpost, stone orbs are bringing fantasies to life. Tendi starts her first day as a Senior Science Officer Trainee.

Season 3, episode 4
“Room for Growth”
Written by John Cochram
Directed by Jason Zurek

Short plot synopsis: 

Mariner, Boimler, and Tendi clash with their arch-rivals: Delta Shift. The Cerritos engineers go on mandatory relaxation leave.

Warp Speed Round Table

How did you all celebrate Star Trek Day?

End Of Show

It’s about time to refill the dilithium chamber and get on out of here. 

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