Episode 120: Hailing Frequencies Forever

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Star Trek Icon Nichelle Nichols Has Passed Away – TrekMovie.com

George Takei, J.J. Abrams and more pay tribute to late ‘Star Trek’ actress Nichelle Nichols – CNN

Star Trek Says Goodbye To Memorable Guest Stars David Warner And Paul Sorvino – TrekMovie.com

Subspace Chatter

Since last we spoke, a little thing called San Diego Comic Con happened.

Alex Kurtzman Reconfirms Two New Star Trek Series Are In Development – TrekMovie.com

Star Trek’s Patrick Stewart responds to Picard movie rumours


Paramount Second-Quarter Earnings, Streaming Subscribers, Advertising – The Hollywood Reporter

Here are links to 26 additional stories broken out by series, movies and other categories. Just go over to the show notes for episode 109, over at The Topic is Trek.com

Star Trek: The Original Series

  1. The story behind ‘Star Trek’ actress Nichelle Nichols’ iconic interracial kiss
  2. Star Trek Finally Reveals Uhura Became Captain of Her Own Starship  | Den of Geek
  3. Star Trek: Nichelle Nichols’ Best Uhura Moments | Den of Geek

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Star Trek: Why Was Picard So Mean To Riker In The Next Generation Pilot?

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

  1. Alex Kurtzman: Discussions Have Been Had About Bringing Back ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’ Characters – TrekMovie.com

Star Trek: Lower Decks

  1. Star Trek boss fixes Strange New Worlds plot hole
  2. Star Trek boss says 2 more spin-offs are coming, teases female leads | EW.com
  3. Star Trek: Lower Decks S03E01, S03E02 Images; SNW Crossover Video

Star Trek: Picard 

  1. ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 3 Has Khan-Level Villain, Jean-Luc/Beverly Tension… And The Enterprise – TrekMovie.com
  2. Star Trek Picard Season 3 Features Multiple Enterprises
  3. Every Enterprise Ship That Might Appear In Star Trek: Picard Season 3
  4. Star Trek’s Seven of Nine Finally Joins Starfleet In Picard Season 3, Rank Revealed
  5. See ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 3 Orchestra Pay Homage To Jerry Goldsmith, With Score From New Composer – TrekMovie.com

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

  1. ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Season 2 Will Reintroduce Major Villains
  2. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Panel | SDCC 2022 | Entertainment Weekly – YouTube
  3. Star Trek Strange New Worlds Cast Describe Season 2 as Season 1 on Steroids
  4. Star Trek’s Upcoming Crossover Is Even More Exciting Knowing 1 BTS Detail
  5. ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Eps, Ranked by Pike’s Hair
  6. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Season 2 Going Bigger With Animated Pike, Changed Spock… And More Gorn – TrekMovie.com
  7. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds: How Starship Enterprise was Redesigned – Variety

Untitled Star Trek movie [premiering June 9, 2023

  1. Chris Pine Still Waiting To Find Out What’s Up With ‘Star Trek 4’; Salary Reported At $13 Million – TrekMovie.com

Star Trek Comics/graphic novels/magazines

  1. Deep Space Nine’s Commander Sisko Returns to Star Trek in New Comic Series


  1. Star Trek should make more new episodes not more new series
  2. Star Trek: SNW EP Rod Roddenberry Thinks Dad Would Be “Very Proud”

Actor Watch

  1. One time Star Trek: Deep Space Nine director Tony Dow dies — Daily Star Trek News
  2. SNW Star Responds To William Shatner’s Recent Star Trek Criticism
  3. Nichelle Nichols: Celia Rose Gooding Remembers ‘Star Trek’ Star – The Hollywood Reporter

Main Mission

Star Trek: Enterprise
Season 1, episode 11
“Cold Front”
Written by Stephen Beck and Tim Finch
Directed by Robert Duncan McNeill

Season 1, Episode 12
“Silent Enemy”
Written by André Bormanis
Directed by Winrich Kolbe

Warp Speed Round Table

This time we ask:
“Without knowing any details, out of curiosity, would you be most interested in a new series based on Deep Space Nine or Section 31 or Starfleet Academy or a series based around Seven and Raffi?”

End Of Show

It’s about time to refill the dilithium chamber and get on out of here. 

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