Episode 111: 1.21 Gigawatts of Trek

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Subspace Chatter

Here are links to additional stories.broken out by series, movies and other categories. You’ll find everything from hints on what might happen in season 5 of “Discovery” to a video interview with the creative team behind the upcoming “Star Trek: Resurgence” video game. Just go over to the show notes for episode 111, over at The Topic is Trek.com

Star Trek: The Next Generation

How Star Trek: The Next Generation Took a Huge Risk on an Iconic Episode | Den of Geek

Star Trek: Discovery

‘Discovery’ fully clicks into the philosophy of Star Trek with its fourth season finale | Engadget

‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 2 Episode 3: Annie Wersching on Borg Queen | TVLine

Picard Director Lea Thompson Put Unique Spin on Star Trek Time Travel – The Hollywood Reporter

Star Trek: Discovery Producer Reveals How Season 5 Will Pull From Trek’s Past

Star Trek: Discovery honors actor Kenneth Mitchell in season 4 finale with the USS Mitchell — Daily Star Trek News

Star Trek: Discovery boss breaks down s4 finale and that cameo

Star Trek: Discovery’s “For April, with love” explained: producer April Nocifora passed away last December after cancer battle — Daily Star Trek News

Mary Wiseman Talks Tilly’s Return And Future On ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ – TrekMovie.com

Star Trek: Picard 

How ‘Star Trek: Picard’s Dystopia Connects To Our Current-Day Problems | Cracked.com

Star Trek and the Shadow of World War III | Den of Geek

Picard’s Europa Easter Egg Hints At Why Q Chose Star Trek’s 2024

Star Trek: Picard Director Lea Thompson Talks Time Travel & Borg Queen

Star Trek: Prodigy

‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Coming To Nickelodeon In The UK And 8 Other Countries In April – TrekMovie.com

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (premiering May 5, 2022)

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Risks A Kirk Captaincy Retcon

Star Trek: The Motion Picture, The Director’s Edition [new, 4K render, on Paramount+ April 5, in theaters on May 22 and May 25)]

David C. Fein Shares the Secrets of the Star Trek: The Motion Picture – The Director’s Edition

Star Trek III: The Search for Spock

William Shatner’s eyeball double in ‘Star Trek II’ tells how it happened – The Washington Post

Star Trek (2009)

Star Trek: The Actors Almost Cast As Kelvin Timeline’s James T. Kirk

Star Trek video games/board games

Star Trek: Resurgence Devs on Breaking the Star Trek Game Curse, Bringing Back Spock, and More – IGN First – IGN

Star Trek Comics/graphic novels/magazines

Star Trek Reveals The Borg Have… Sex? | Screen Rant


Cate Blanchett and Star Trek would be a match made in heaven – please make it happen | Cate Blanchett | The Guardian

Every Star Trek Film & TV Show Ranked From Worst To Best

Captain Kirk’s Wisest Quotes

Convention news/fandom

Star Trek: Mission Chicago (April 8-10, 2022)

Star Trek Original Series Set Tours – Most Accurate Set Reproduction! (various dates)

Star Trek: The Cruise – The Un-Conventional Voyage (Feb. 28 – March 3, 2023)

Actor Watch

Zachary Quinto, Aimee Carrero, and More Will Lead WHO’S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF? at Geffen Playhouse

Main Mission

Star Trek: Discovery
“Coming Home”
Written by Michelle Paradise

Directed by Olatunde Osunsanmi

Star Trek: Picard

Written by Kiley Rossetter & Christopher Monfette

Directed by Lea Thompson

Star Trek: Picard


Teleplay by Juliana James & Jane Maggs; Story by Travis Fickett & Juliana James

Directed by Lea Thompson

Warp Speed Round Table

This time we ask:

Will you be going to see “Star Trek: The Motion Picture, The Director’s Edition: at one of the theater screenings?

End Of Show


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