Episode 82: 2020 – Transporter Malfunction or Holodeck Accident?

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Subspace Chatter

Why James Bond’s Studio Once Sent A ‘Very Stern Letter’ To Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s Crew – CINEMABL
Ashes of Star Trek’s Scotty smuggled onto International Space Station | News | The Times
Dr. Seuss Enterprises Wins Appeal In Dispute Over ‘Star Trek’ Mash Up | Hollywood Reporter
Shields Up! Say Goodbye To 2020 With Official Star Trek Face Shields – TrekMovie.com
City of Pittsburgh Gingerbread Competition

Additional stories we did not cover

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  11. Star Trek: Discovery Michelle Yeoh Talks on Georgiou’s Exit and Hints on Section 31 Spin-Off
  12. In Memoriam: Remembering the Animation & VFX Greats We Lost in 2020 | Animation Magazine
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  21. What’s On Tonight: December 24, 2020: Star Trek and A Wonderful Life
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  23. Star Trek: Every New Life Created By A Transporter Accident
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  27. Old Star Trek commercial starring Leonard Nimoy to usher in the season
  28. “All I want for Chrstmas (is Q)” fan-made video https://youtu.be/3KvWwJ6sh5s
  29. Discovery Has A Controversial Star Trek DS9 Technology
  30. Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Episode 11 Easter Eggs & References | Den of Geek
  31. Star Trek: Discovery’s Upgrades Add Holodecks to the Ship | CBR
  32. Star Trek Christmas: William Shatner “sings” Christmas songs, kind of
  33. Star Trek Christmas: A triple dose of classic Hallmark-Trek commercials
  34. Star Trek Taught Us — What We Learned in 2020

Time to disconnect from Subspace Chatter —  goodbye Charlie.


This week we’re going to see how right we were about the predictions for 2020 we made last December, then we’ll share our prediction for 2021. If nothing else, this should prove amusing. And remember, as always, no wagering. 

All right. Let’s see how we did…

KREG (.5)

  • We will get word on a Pike Star Trek series (announcing a 2021 premier)
  • Worf will be on Picard, season one
  • We will get a release date for Tarantino’s Trek film to be released in 2023.
  • Bonus: “Star Trek: Quark” will be coming as soon as they strike a deal

CHUCK (1.5)

  • We will get word on a Pike Star Trek series (rider: that they would go into production in 2020) It will be met with great enthusiasm, but there will still be naysayers
  • We will say goodbye to one of the beloved TNG characters on Picard
  • We will finally official word that we are going ahead with a Star Trek movie
  • Bonus: Patrick Stewart will get a statue 


  • We will get word on a Pike Star Trek series 
  • Many people will not be happy with the way season one ends (could be a cliffhanger, a death, whatever)
  • Quentin Tarantion will drop plans to make his Star Trek movie

Warp Speed Round Table

This time around…

We’ve already told you OUR predictions for 2021, but what are yours? Let us know and we will read them in our next episode. 

End of Show

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