Episode 68: Spock, Spock, Spock and Spock

/r/StarTrek starts a movement: Star Trek websites and podcasts unite! Trekkies across the web are donating $47 to organizations fighting injustice. : startrek (Read More here)

Star Trek’s official Web site also took a positive stand on Black Lives Matter https://www.startrek.com/videos/we-support-black-lives-matter

Subspace Chatter

47  additional stories we did not have time to cover, including articles about 

  1. Star Trek: How Aliens Inspired TNG’s Data and Tasha Yar
  2. Talented violinist performs “evolution” of Star Trek theme tunes — Daily Star Trek News
  3. William Ware Theiss: In & Out of Uniform
  4. Kate Mulgrew reveals she would redo first season of ‘Star Trek: Voyager’ during cast reunion | Entertainment | albanyherald.com
  5. A Star Trek starter guide: How newbies should approach the franchise – CNET
  6. ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 2 spoilers: Producer drops 4 meaty clues
  7. Every Star Trek Character Played By Jeffrey Combs, Ranked
  8. Star Trek Short Treks: Writing Mary Wiseman’s Sylvia Tilly In “Runaway”
  9. How The Search For Spock Changed the Way Star Trek Got Made
  10. Second Star Trek date went quite well for couple
  11. 10 Things We Learned From The Star Trek Voyager Cast Reunion
  12. Brent Spiner (Data) almost wasn’t part of Star Trek: Picard
  13. Wilson Cruz Shares His First Contact With Star Trek | Star Trek
  14. Star Trek fans join to fight injustice under the banner Trekkies Together
  15. To Live Long and Prosper, Replace Handshake With ‘Star Trek’ Vulcan Salute, U.K. Scientist Suggests
  16. ‘Star Trek’ Star George Takei on Coming Out as Gay and Getting Married – Variety
  17. Star Trek and Everwood Actress Stephanie Niznik passes away at 52
  18. Go behind the scenes of Star Trek: Short Treks with clips featuring Alex Kurtzman and Michelle Yeoh — Daily Star Trek News
  19. Ronald D. Moore explains how he got Star Trek’s open submission policy started — Daily Star Trek News
  20. Star Trek: Picard Collage Washable Face Mask | Star Trek
  21. Star Trek Season 3: What Went Wrong? | Den of Geek
  22. Star Trek: Why TNG’s Tasha Yar Was Killed (& How She Came Back)
  23. Star Trek: 3 ways it inspired NASA’s Artemis Accords
  24. Words We Know Because Of Star Trek | Dictionary.com
  25. Review: IDW Is Back With A New “Assignment” In Star Trek: Year Five #11 – TrekMovie.com
  26. Star Trek & Star Wars Both Repeat J.J. Abrams’ Worst Story Device
  27. Pride and Players’ Choice Arrive for Star Trek Timelines
  28. John Winston, Star Trek’s transporter chief Lt. Kyle, passed away in September 2019 at 91 — Daily Star Trek News
  29. Jason Isaacs Hints He Could Return To Star Trek As Prime Lorca – TrekMovie.com
  30. Star Trek’s Unlikely I Love Lucy Lucille Ball Connection
  31. William Shatner Would Be Open To Returning To Star Trek | Small Screen
  32. Remembering ‘Star Trek: Enterprise’s Much-Maligned Finale, 15 Years Later – TV Insider
  33. ‘Star Trek: Picard’ VFX Supervisor On Sci-Fi Series’ Worldbuilding – Deadline
  34. The ‘Star Trek’ Movie William Shatner Said Was ‘Doomed’ From the Start
  35. All 7 STAR TREK Theme Songs Get a Stellar Violin Tribute – Nerdist
  36. What Former Star Trek Writer Ronald D. Moore Thinks Of Patrick Stewart’s Return In Picard – CINEMABLEND
  37. Star Trek: Discovery’s Jason Isaacs Has Promising News For Fans Who Want More Lorca – CINEMABLEND
  38. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds: 5 Characters We Want To See In The Discovery Spin-Off (& 5 We Don’t)
  39. Challenge Yourself To Star Trek Online’s “No Win Scenarios” And Earn New Ships – MMO Bomb
  40. William Shatner: ‘If they wrote a good role for Captain Kirk and paid me well, why wouldn’t I do that?’ – inews.co.uk
  41. Jonathan Frakes Looks Forward To Directing ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ With His “Three Old Friends” – TrekMovie.com
  42. Jeffrey Combs Tells TrekMovie He’d “Embrace” ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Role, If Offered – TrekMovie.com
  43. Watch: ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ Supercut Highlights Some Kind Of Thing You Never Noticed – TrekMovie.com
  44. People Have Been Mispronouncing ‘Star Trek’ Actor George Takei’s Name for Years, But He Doesn’t Mind
  45. Free Star Trek convention taking place in July with loads of names
  46. Dayton Ward Answers Questions About New Book, Agents of Influence
  47. Seven of Nine Was Always Queer

In Vulcan, Alberta, Canada news:

Main Mission

We’re continuing our  review of “Star Trek: The Animated Series.” with episodes 6, 7 and 8 from Season One.

  • “The Survivor” written by James Schmerer
    First aired on October 13, 1973
    Fun facts. Actor Ted Knight, perhaps best known for playing the role of Ted Baxter on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” gave an uncredited performance, voicing Carter Winston. This is the only episode in which Dr. McCoy’s daughter, Joanna, is mentioned. And this is the first time we see Lt. M’Ress.
    A famous humanitarian is found alive near the Romulan Neutral Zone after being missing for five years, but he may not be who he claims to be.
  • “The Infinite Vulcan” written by Walter Koenig
    First aired on October 20 1973
    Fun facts: Walter Koenig was hired to write a script for The Animated Series before he knew that he would not be reprising his role as Chekov. While the concept of dealing with cloning was his, Koenig says that talking plants were Roddenberry’s idea. Gene felt that since animation freed the production to show anything, they needed to take advantage of the opportunity. Koenig was not fond of the plant idea and he had to work through between 10 and 12 drafts to come up with a working script.
    A species of intelligent plants, led by a clone of a Eugenics Wars-era scientist, clones Spock with the intentions of creating a master race to keep the peace.
  • “The Magicks of Megas-Tu” written by Larry Brody
    First aired on October 27, 1973
    Fun facts: While the NBC sensors rejected the idea of the story referencing God, they had no problem with the Enterprise crew interacting with the Devil. This episode features another notable, and uncredited, voice. The prosecutor at the Salem Witch Trial, Asmodeus, was voiced by Ed Bishop,
    While on a mission to find the “creation point,” an area in the galactic core, where matter was being created, the Enterprise is caught inside an energy/matter tornado. Emerging from the storm, the crew encounter a world where magic works and science doesn’t.

Warp Speed Round Table

Last time around we asked “”Shuttlepod or Airlock: Cyrano Jones””
We received a comment from listener Diane, saying “since I was once Cyrano Jones for a night I cannot in good faith put him out an airlock!”

This time around…”How would we know if it was a Vendorian impersonating you?”

End of the Show

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