Episode 66: Enjoy new Polywater. Now with Lime!

Subspace Chatter

40 additional stories we did not have time to cover, including articles about Star Trek Online themed Zoom backgrounds, Robert Duncan MacNeill and Garrett Wang’s desire for a “Captain Proton” series and more.

PSA: Vulcan Canada is still closed. More details and hockey score soon.

Main Mission

We’re kicking off a rewatch, review of “Star Trek: The Animated Series.” Or, as it was simply called at the time, “Star Trek.” 

We’ll be discussing the first two episodes

  • “Beyond the Farthest Star.” written by Samuel A. Peeples
  • “Yesteryear,” written by Dorothy Fontana, writing as D.C. Fontana

Warp Speed Round Table

Last time around we asked ” When you hear that classic Jerry Goldsmith theme music, which first comes to mind, “Star Trek: The Motion Picture,” or “Star Trek: The Next Generation”?

This time around…
If you could hop through the Guardian of Forever, what “Star Trek” universe event would you like to witness first hand?

End of the show

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