Episode 45: Admiral! There be podcasters here!

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Subspace Chatter

16 additional stories we didn’t have time to cover:

Main Mission

This time around, we will be talking about “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.”

Warpspeed Roundtable

Last time we asked:

What day do you think should be “Star Trek” Day?
The results of our fan poll:

67% “April 5th (First Contact Day)

33% September 8 (TOS premiere date)

Two comments:

Ken suggested August 19th, Gene Roddenberry’s birthday

Melissa points out “There’s an episode of TNG where Troi refers to a variation of poker as Federation Day because Aces and 5s are wild. April 5th. Works for me.”

This time, we want to know: Who would you recast as Balock?

End Of Show

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Don’t put on the red shirt!

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