Episode 039: Finding Nero

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Subspace Chatter

News from Vulcan, Alberta, Canada

21 additional stories we didn’t have time to cover:

Main Mission

This time around we’ll be discussing the second two episodes of season two of “Star Trek: Discovery” — “Saints of Imperfection” and “The Sound of Thunder”

Warpspeed Roundtable

Last time we asked: Who is your least favorite “Star Trek” character of all time?

Diane: I HATE Alexander!  Also Janet Lester

Chris: Back in the day it was Wesley Crusher. But I came to appreciate Wil Wheaton and so now I see Wesley differently.

Ken: Pulaski
Crazy Joe: here is my three with honorable mention: My three least favorite Star trek characters: 1. SHINZON (for all the reasons Kreg already mentioned) 2. Seska (Never could stand her) 3. Tuvok (Vulcans suppress emotion. Actor Tim Russ interpreted that to mean ‘act like a cranky a-hole’. Nimoy’s Spock, Quinto’s Spock, and Jolene Blalock as T’Pol all managed to act unemotional but still be likable. Tuvok always just felt like a jerk) Honorable mention: Diane Warren. Ok, so she’s not a character. But she wrote ‘Faith of the Heart’ and that alone earns her a place on my list.

This time around, it’s another edition of “Shuttlepod or Airlock?”

Our character up for discussion: Nero (“Star Trek” 2009)

End Of Show

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