Episode 35: Happy New Yar!

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Subspace Chatter

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Additional stories we didn’t have time to cover:

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Main Mission

Now it’s time to take a Z minus 10,000 meter dive into one subject and try to say on track.

Writing on the Topic is Trek Facebook page, listener Ken asked: “Did the whole ‘redshirt’ thing on ‘Star Trek’ occur by accident, or was it planned that way?”

Warp Speed Round Table

Last time we asked:  Which Trek character’s “origin story” would you like to learn?

Melissa  replied: “We know about Data’s creation story. And we know that by the time he faces Sela’s incursion he’s been on active duty for 26 years. I’d like to see his first years – his time at the academy, his early assignments.”

Sandi replied: “Mr. Spock.”

Parwez said: “In 3 years of TOS, they never once had their first names spoken. We got to know names like LEE Kelso, MARK Piper, PHIL Boyce, KEVIN Reilly, MIRA Romaine (even her parents full names), ANGELA Martinez, ESTEBAN Rodriguez, ROBERT Tomlinson, HELEN Noel, but never the first names of Uhura or Sulu. What brought them to the academy? How many hobbies did Sulu have before he became a Starfleet officer. Could Uhura have pursued a singing career instead of enlisting in Starfleet. I’d like to know.”

JT wrote: “Miles O’Brien.”

Now on to this episode’s topic:

We are approaching the new year, so it’s time to make some predictions. What do you think we will be hearing about in “Star Trek” news in 2019?

End Of Show

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Don’t put on the red shirt!

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