Episode 29: Tilly, Don’t Be A Hero

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Subspace Chatter

Additional stories we just didn’t have time to get to:

Main Mission

Now it’s time to head out on our Main Mission, where we’ll take a Z minus thousand meter deep dive into one subject — and try to stay on course.

Tonight we will be discussing the Short Treks episode “Runaway,” which premiered October 4th on CBS All Access.

Warpspeed Roundtable

First, a follow-up on last week’s question: You walk onto a used car lot and there are four salespeople. Which of these would you choose to sell you a used vehicle, and why? And the choices were Harry Mudd, Cyrano Jones, Garek and Q.

We got a few replies to that question online:

Michael P. said “Garek because although he can’t fully be trusted (especially if I was a Romulan representative), he is a “tailor” so he might honestly sell a decent car. Q would trick me somehow and make a lesson about the arrogance of humanity, Harry Mudd would absolutely scam me, and Cyrano Jones would sell me a car full of tribbles (at best)”

Ken L. answered this way: “Q because he would be able to deliver the car instantly. (And save you a boatload of money on transportation and dealer prep. he could also provide lots of extras.)”

And Brian P said: “Cyrano Jones. If the car multiplies in the same manner as tribbles, soon you would have enough used cars to open your own business.”

Now, to this week’s question.

Would you rather:

  1. Have the job of ending the Borg threat?
  2. Attempt to survive in the mirror universe?
  3. Have Cyrano Jones’s task of cleaning up all the tribbles on the K7 space station — without the help of the glommer?

End Of Show

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