Episode 13: Fidget Spinner of Death!

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Main Mission
It’s time for us to head out on our Main Mission, where we take a Z minus 10,000 meters dive into one subject — and try to stay on course.


We will discuss Episode 11 “The Wolf Inside””and 12 “Vaulting Ambition of Star Trek: Discovery

The Wolf Inside

  • Crewmembers beamed out into space
  • Lorca spending lots of time in the agonizer booth
  • Tilly tries to rescue Stamets
  • Burnham goes on a mission to find out why/how Klingons are working with others
  • Tyler loses it and Voq emerges
  • We find out that Georgiou is the Emperor

Vaulting Ambition

  • Burnham and Lorca go to the I.S.S. Charon — the Emperor’s huge palace ship
  • Lorca is locked into another agonizer booth.
  • Burnham and Georgiou dine on Kelpien
  • Stamets finds his mirror self in the Mycelial network
  • Stamets gets to say goodbye to Culber — is this really goodbye?
  • Stamets comes out of his coma — but so does mirror Stamets
  • Burnham reveals that she is from a parallel universe – Georgiou kills (almost) everyone!
  • We find out that Lorca is from the mirror universe.

Warp Speed Roundtable
Now that we’re safely back on board, it’s time to take on one rapid-fire topic in our Warp Speed Roundtable.

Shuttle Pod or Airlock segment.
This time around: The Traveler
(in episodes “Where No One Has”Gone Before,” “Journey’s End,” and “Remember Me.”)

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